Draftcandy #41: Legacy Cube Draft 2016 #2

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  1. In match3 game1 you used a Forbid to counter Brimstone Volley on your Riftwing Cloudskate, when you had Brutal Expulsion up. Expulsion could’ve been decent as a way to reuse ETB effects.

  2. Yay, another blue cube draft. I just cannot watch them anymore it is blue blue blue blue blue all the time.

  3. I don’t think I can delete my old comment… I was dumb, bouncing your Cloudskate isn’t obviously better than countering the burn since you wanted the 2/2 body as a blocker. I must be a bad player trying to use a bad card.

  4. More midrange? Bluh. that said, nice draft. However, I’d much rather see some aggro getting drafted – RDW, WW, UB aristrocrats etc etc. Blue midrange and control piles from almost every cube drafter gets real old real fast.

  5. In what world is bonfire of the damn not the first cut in this deck? lets say you miracle on turn 3… um pay 1 more mana for pyroclasm? slagstorm is better than bonfire not to mention ajani… also when you picked augur the card read: put 3 cards on the bottom of your library… after drafting it read: 3 out of 4 times put 3 cards on the bottom of your library… : ( yea it would be real hard to cast kiki at of 3 sources white, with 9 blue and 8 red…. but augur at the the same odds is busted!

  6. hey so metamorph finks, hold snap… on attacks snap target bolt, block bladehold with metamorph… block finks with metamorph, after blocks copy bladehold fire off lightning bolt….. you with bladehold, them with tokens next turn ancestral fires off. = you win