Draftcandy #9: MM15 Draft #1

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  1. Thanks for the videos!

    I’d ask next time, try to get the volume higher though. I have everything maxed and I still can barely hear you.

    The one pick I was curious about was the Splinter Twin rare versus Gruul Turf but no mention of Lorescale Coatl? Just too light on blue to warrant? That card is really strong though and can get out of hand fast, especially with added upside synergies in Tezz’s Gambit, Electrolyze, Dimir Guildmage.

    In my experience, at the very least it eats a premium removal spell to clear the way for your big finishers, and if it’s not immediately answered it just gets that much harder as there are a lot of toughness matters removal in burn/dismember type effects.

  2. Great video. Really interested to try out 5 colour but I think you needed some more creatures.

  3. A. there was a premium graft deck passed to you after opening mystic snake.

    B. even if you wanted to be five color base rug is still best.

    C. the first 2 premises mean prioritizing counters, lorescale, and plaxcaster

    D. that agony warp was unplayable in your deck and the one it was cast it was in a hand with double rampant and black land..

    E. sunburst five drop commons are not going highly and if they are then like you said “you want to be the only one at the table drafting it

  4. Congrats on the GP finish! Bummer you didn’t make top 8, but sounded like it was still great.