Eternal Warrior #17: Four Easy Pieces

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  1. regarding scion of oona:

    im really surprised to hear that nearly everybody played it.
    as far as i remember it from old extended, the card was never actually good in the deck and only played in the sideboard.

    so lets hope there is still lots of room for improvement for faeries. i think its one of the coolest decks in modern.

  2. When I looked back over the historical Faerie builds, use of Scion had waxed and waned through the years. But ultimately, the best Faerie pilots were advocating that you use Scion, by the end of its time in the 4-block extended format.

    I think there’s a psychological factor with Scion as well. This is hard to precisely explain, but I believe that the sort of player who is aspiring to be competitive has been trained to be dismissive of cards like Scion, because it looks or feels like a casual tribal card. That, in turn, makes people hesitant to endorse it, and feel as if they almost have to apologize for the card being in their lists. If you set a deck with Scions next to a Fae deck with fewer tribal synergies and more flexible removal or countermagic, the non-Scion deck would instinctually *look* more competitive if you had ZERO playtest or tournament data, because of our natural prejudices as competitive players.

    Scion does something fairly powerful in Fae, but I can see how you won’t always want what it does. I think there are times when it will be smart to play it, and times when it will be smart not to play it, and clearly the PT was a time not to play it.