Eternal Warrior #19: Breakfast in America

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  1. Personally I find decks like this pretty boring gameplaywise. It’s funny for a couple of games, but mull into keycard: go through the same steps every time gets old pretty fast. This one’s cheap though, so not too bad just for the gimmick.

  2. personally I think you cannot really win consistently playing on 6 cards with a manabase as fragile as the one presented. No interaction at all means that all you can do is win the die roll and you go off by turn three (in legacy at least). That’s why no one is playing extreme (meaning defenseless) combo deck. Even the most aggressive ones play some form of disruption.

  3. I messed around with a deck called Moldy Cheerios, using Glimpse of Nature, Multani’s presence and Chalice of the Void with 0 drops, to draw the deck then Songs of the Damned to kill with Tendrils of Agony

  4. i think you could play some copies of SSG also instead of just elf, that way you don’t always need to hit a petal for red.

  5. I agree the deck is basically a silly gimmick, which is why I thought it would be a fun diversion this week from the usual sort of thing I play. I was concerned about how much of this deck people would actually want to see, since it’s a one-trick-pony, but I figure that doing something like this once in a long while might be interesting.

    Playing “some form of disruption” was a consideration I made, but just didn’t think the deck could support it. Cabal Therapy seems perfect in theory, if I switched to the rainbow-land manabase. But your opponent is going to counter Glimpse, not the eventual kill spell, so you jhave to use the Therapy *before* going off. That means that in addition to drawing Therapy instead of fuel, you are also losing a draw you would have had off a creature you have to play if you need to flashback Therapy. Every form of disruption you could run cuts into the necessary critical mass of fuel for this deck, making it hard to include. That’s why decks like this or Belcher will never be top tier.

    Rock2011 – I saw some lists like that, considered doing that, but felt like the “pure” form of this deck was better for the purposes of the article.

    neckfire – I think I alluded to that during the deck tech video. I would prefer that all the mana sources are able to produce green to cast Glimpse. But maybe a single copy of SSG would be okay just as a bailout in case you got Petal shut down by Null Rod or Pithing Needle effects.