Eternal Warrior #20: A Change of Seasons

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  1. I believe G1M2 out was to loop SDT until Key, then get a surplus card in hand by stacking draw triggers (untapping Top), then Vault.

  2. Enjoyed our match. Yes, it’s durdley, but it is fun, and can sometimes come out of nowhere (that said, were I not already qualified, I certainly would have brought something else). Never could find that second top or a tutor in game 1. Game 2 I would have needed 1 more mana for the storm kill or 1 more card in hand for infinite golems even if I found the second top that final turn. Oh, and I’m pretty sure packing 4 stony silence in your sideboard is illegal in several states…

  3. Thought about this some more, and for any folks who enjoy magic puzzles, there is still a theoretical way for me to win game 2 from that final board state before you ever get another turn…although it requires me getting ultra lucky. Let me know if anyone is Interested in hearing how.