Eternal Warrior #52: Slave to the Grind

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  1. No outs to stony silence or null rod??? If only there was smthg to turn them blue so that pyro or reb could do the job…

  2. Thanks for the reply. I thought about that answer but it felt weak to have the out contingent on having Painter in play. But if I viewed Stony Silence solely as a problem preventing the combo going off, then that doesn’t matter, because I don’t need the combo to go off until Painter is in play (I basically implied that in the video deck tech segment, to use REBs to get rid of whatever was stopping your combo on the combo turn, an opposing Leyline of Sanctity and maybe other enchantments would be similar in that case.) I guess I was also concerned about the high volume of artifact mana being choked off by it, even before reaching the question of “can I go off yet?”

    Did you have any thoughts about the manabase, the fetchland count and the black splash?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. In match 3, fearing and blowing up the opponent’s grindstone is unnecessary, since it doesn’t do anything for him: you lose when you can’t draw, not when your last card is milled, so as long as you activate grindstone during your turn, even if he activates his in response, he will still lose the game.