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  1. I bought several item in your store, what do I have to do once you have paid your order? Like the receipt?

  2. @Card_Theif: our delivery hours are noon to 9 PM US Eastern time- they will be delivered when you are online in that period!

  3. You guys need to make it very clear up front that you don’t have any automated fulfillment capability. It’s naturally assumed from the nature of your product that your bots will deliver the order after it’s been placed. Of course I wouldn’t have ordered from your website at 10pm on a Sunday if I had known that I wouldn’t be receiving the cards. I’d have simply purchased them from the bots directly.

  4. Drachs – so you know. Only Wizards of the Coast has the ability to directly inject items into an account. anyone else has to use the in-game trading system and from my knowlesge no one has a system for automated fulfillment on card orders.

  5. and in before someone mentions bots :) Yes MTGOAcademy has automated bots that deal with point of service as do other services but i was referring to web based orders :)

  6. “How can get I get a picture of myself/my cat/my biceps/my girlfriend next to my posts when I comment on MTGO Academy articles and videos?” has the wrong answer.

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