Forcing the Will: Vengevine Survival

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  1. Nice Vids. Shame u went 2-2. Sux to have lost to Enchantress.

    I vote for 1 or 7 Whichever is fine. Just NO Dredge

  2. @gopro: As much as I hate losing to enchantress it happens from time to time.

    @ChrisKool: There is a DnT version that splashes green for Teeg and occasionally Tarmogoyf as well.

    So far the votes I have counted are as fallows:

    5 Baneslayer Control

    2 Aggro Loam

    2 Deadguy Ale

    1 DnT

    1 Show and Tell

    Remember to log in when you vote so I can count your vote. Ill be leaving the poll open for another day before deciding on a deck to play so be sure to get your votes in ASAP.

    Thanks all!

  3. My vote is the Same as lfrom ast month’s Thopters vote: Jaime Cano’s baneslayer control.

    Jamie and the winner of Bazaar of Moxen 4(Merfolk with Corralhelm ,300+man event in spain) built the deck. It is really awkward, but rewarding . The sideboard is really tuned for Goblins,Merfolk and Zoo(don’t take out the Perimeter Caps).

  4. The final votes are in here is the final count:

    7 Baneslayer Control

    3 Aggro Loam

    2 Deadguy Ale

    1 DnT

    3 Show and Tell

    Baneslayer Control will be the deck I cover in my next article. Don’t worry if your deck didn’t win this week make sure to get your votes in next time and encourage your friends. Thanks a bunch!

  5. nice article.
    but you just didn’t playthe deck good enough to ge better than 2-2 i mean things like
    on your last turn against the zoo guy you play mongrel the play looter (keeping your vengevine in hand). That would probably not won you that game but maybe you could have survived another turn and gotten to something that would have helped you.

    btw. him not cracking the fetchland was to not have his nacatl killed by your 2 jitte counters.