From Pre-made to Awesome #2

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  1. Hey,

    nice article. I like the approach and the conclusions you draw. Only question I have is whether 3 test matches are enough to justify changes. You take all previous test matches in consideration, which is good, but for single changes you’d maybe need more testing than just 3 matches.

    For this set it didn’t seem necessary since all the changes were things you speculated to be bad from the beginning. But for the next set of changes, maybe go for 5 matches, if you have the time, to solidify your choices and convince yourself that it wasn’t just bad draw or a bad match up for a particular card.

    Keep it up :)

  2. If the limit is really 20$,I guess you could include a couple of scuttling doom engine, this should give you a better late game, and a good target for sharpnel blast!
    It does cost ~1tix/ea, but i guess it’s capable of improving the deck quite a bit.

    Probably the Crasher’s could then go or something. And then, that would mean that you could probably lower the islands and mountains count since you increased the artifacts and blue almost disappeared? Means you could go for 4 darksteel citadels, making the chance of having fun with Ensoul artifact a bit bigger!

    Well, just random ideas ^^ seen way worse budget decks in any case, and looks funny somehow ^^

  3. Hey Edward,

    thanks for the inpu! Of course more matches would provide more information. But since I only change 5 cards at a time, I think that 3 matches are enough to give a general idea about what I want in and out of the deck. It could also be quite boring to read my summary of 5 matches. But if it turns out I don’t get enough information in 3 games I will change it to 5.


    thanks for the suggestions. I already had an eye on the Doom Engine and yes I think the crashers can go in exchange. On the other hand Soul of New Phyrexia is also in the budget range. I’ll have to make up my mind which of the two it should be. Changing lands is also a good idea but it may be hard to stick to the 5 card limit. Especially since I only have two rounds of changes left for this deck.


  4. True, I didn’t think about the Soul.
    If the plan is to keep the Shrapnel blasts around, i think i’d still prefer the upside of potentially doing a sudden 11 dmg to the face of the opponent than getting the indestructibility factor, but I guess I could also be convinced otherwise!

    Are the lands so important to change? While duals and scry lands are always an advantage (esp. scry imo), I don’t think you really need the fixing (most of your mana base is either colorless or one mana symbol) and they easily bump the price, so it may be harder to keep the budget low with it!

    Good luck with it in any case, I like the concept of the column and I am curious to see the end result ^^

  5. Note: sorry, didn’t realize you were referring to the citadels, and not bilands or such things ^^
    Well, if they can’t fit, they’re not a high priority anyway I guess :)