From Premade to Awesome #4: A New Deck

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  1. I think your analysis regarding the strength and weakness of the deck is spot-on. Of all the cards that you dislike, Sanctified Charge might be one worth keeping, but I am sure there are better replacements. Looking forward to the next article.

  2. Interesting article, definitely looking forward to the next part.

    I agree with Ytterblum that sanctified charge is a strong effect in a deck going wide, but trying to build up your board enough, may as you point out, leave you too exposed to sweepers. As a replacement I would suggest Dictate of Heliod, it can still works as a trick because it has flash, but doesn’t require that everything is set up for one turn, and that the effect is permanent should make up for not getting first strike.

    Card draw in GW is scarce in standard, and with the budget restrictions I’m guessing Ajani, Mentor of Heroes isn’t in the cards (pun intended). Aside from cantrip effects and creatures my best guess here would be Hunter’s Prowess (weak to removal) or Yisan (a bit slow, can only get creatures).

  3. This is a neat series with a very practical, yet interesting conceptual basis!

    Overwhelm probably sucks. The convoke just seems like a weird joke to me.

    The deck is pretty spotty in its factory version…but the article points that out. Sunblade Elf and the token generators are all good cards, but they have a ton of single-copies that seem fine at times but since they’re singletons…well they don’t show up very often. And the costs are either really high or really low…but hey, that’s the whole point of the article is to make the deck better.

  4. i turned this deck into a brutal covoke/overwhelm deck. I use the token gen to generate enough creatures to be able to cast big convoke creatures