From Premade to Awesome #7: New PreKhans

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  1. As always, fun to read your articles :)

    The intro deck looks a little bit underwhelming, many threats without a consistent plan except for “dump all your stuff and figure it out from there”. I dislike that most of the removal is focused on creatures only. With Lightning Strike and Arrow Storm, there is a possibility to just burn the opponent out. Stoke the Flames looks particularly good with so many small creatures ready to convoke.

    Main problem, as you mentioned, is going to be sweepers. I got nothing on this front, have to take a look what is possible in standard at the moment. Cards that bounce back like Bloodsoaked Champion in KTK could be an option although he needs creatures attacking to come back. Which leaves us with the same problem.

    Quick question: Do you want to stay purely Mardu or can something like Monastery Swifspear make an appearance as a one mana raid enabler?

    Looking forward to your next episode!

  2. Wow, they actually made three-color intro decks…seems appropriate but sort of risky, even if they do come with two tri-lands.

    And the non-creature spells are just odd. Only Trumpet Blast has more than one copy, and it’s only two.

    Not having any one-drops isn’t necessarily a good thing to do because of lands that come in tapped. If a person plays two in a row to open the game, they can still have a creature on the board, and certain one-drops can do things in the late-game as well.

    With three colors, either the total-aggression gets shelved or one of the colors has to be reduced to a splash. Otherwise, as the article states, by the time all the tapped lands are played, it’s turn 3 or 4.

    Good luck with this one!

    (For the record, I think Courser of Kruphix is female.)

  3. @Dryhard: Thanks for the information on the color wheel!

    @Edward: In non-standard sets I always like to stick to the flavor of the deck, which in this case would mean that cards from other clans shouldn’t be included. On the other hand we are on a tight budget here, soeventually we have to take what is best in slot and affordable.

    @Bear: You are probably right about the one-drops. Then at least we have a consistent thing to play on turn 2. Sadly fetchlands are out of the question for this deck since they do not fit into the budget, so playing tapped lands and one mana creatures might be the way to go. You might be right about the Courser too!