1. Hey everyone!

    I have discussed Gifts off and on with AJ since he undertook building the basis for the Modern list above probably about a month ago, so most of my thoughts are incorporated in the article (and in the videos). I am anxious to see what the Worlds Modern meta brings us and hope to see some action in MTGO-land afterward. The format seems wide open, and I hope that interest picks up with the PTQ season on the horizon.


  2. Hey guys.
    I love Modern format. I am glad they made another non rotating format and I loved old extended (although I would argue that this is a redux).

    Have you guys considered running Tribal Flames? I know it is Sorcery speed, but it is 5 damage for 2 mana in your deck.

    I have been testing a list similar to the RUG deck you played against. I don’t like the manadorks or Garruk in that list though. I run a more tempo-oriented list with full sets of Delver of Secrets, Tarmo, Snapcaster Mage, and 2 V. Clique as threats and Mana Leaks, Spell Snares, Grove + Punishing Fire, etc, etc…

    Anyway, I think people don’t play DEs yet because there are a couple of perceptual misconceptions about the format, and I understand why. Basically, no one wants to play Tarmogoyf mirror matches all day long. With all the banning being biased against control and combo decks, aggro decks, namely Zoo (all flavors of Bant, Naya, and Jund), are clear winners. I don’t necessarily agree with this, but that is the perception of most of the forums that I contribute to.

    I hope that Worlds changes this perception.

    Good work. Look for me on MTGO. username:apaulogy

  3. @apaulogy: We forgot that Tribal Flames exists, I think. :-o It is an interesting consideration! I think Tarmogoyf will see a lot of play in the format, but there will definitely be decks without the 100$ 2-drop that will succeed. (Wonderful insight, right?!) I actually think that Lotus Cobra has a place in Modern (and would like to try it in gifts with its 8 fetches). I am also surprised that new Extended wasn’t entirely replaced by Modern.

    @matt (and Matt!): In the future, I will try to enforce a strict mechanical announcement for all cards and activated abilities. We would hate for anyone watching our content in public to mistake it for anything but greasy gaming vids. :)

  4. @ Chris Kool

    I agree with your assessment and remain hopeful that some pros will show all these “netdeckers” their way. Until then, I will continue testing and looking for broken interactions.

    thanks for validating my suggestion (somewhat). I don’t think that Tribal Flames is necessarily the point of your deck, and I don’t think it belongs in any Gifts packages I can think of. Still, it seems like it gives you something to do when you durdle sometimes. This deck does durdle too!!!

    cheers, fellas.


  5. BTW- i have been seeing people wrecking with Dredgevine builds sans Goyf.

    Plus Storm is still real. Burn is real. The Egg deck is real. etc

  6. I personally like the the RUG deck that posted 15 points…

    Look for me later Chris. It has been good getting to chat with you.