Hour of Devastation Visual Spoiler (Complete)

Act of Heroism Adorned Pouncer

Angel of Condemnation Angel of the God-Pharaoh

Aven of Enduring Hope Crested Sunmare

Dauntless Aven Desert's Hold

Disposal Mummy Djeru, With Eyes Open

Djeru's Renunciation Dutiful Servants

Gideon's Defeat God-Pharaoh's Faithful

Hour of Revelation Mummy Paramount

Oketra's Avenger Oketra's Last Mercy

Overwhelming Splendor Sandblast

Saving Grace Solemnity

Solitary Camel Steadfast Sentinel

Steward of Solidarity Sunscourge Champion

Unconventional Tactics Vizier of the True

Aerial Guide Aven Reedstalker

Champion of Wits Countervailing Winds

Cunning Survivor Eternal of Harsh Truths

Fraying Sanity Hour of Eternity

Imaginary Threats Jace's Defeat

Kefnet's Last Word Nimble Obstructionist

Ominous Sphinx Proven Combatant

Riddleform Seer of the Last Tomorrow

Sinuous Striker Spellweaver Eternal

Strategic Planning Striped Riverwinder

Supreme Will Swarm Intelligence

Tragic Lesson Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign

Unquenchable Thirst Unsummon

Vizier of the Anointed Accursed Horde

Ammit Eternal Apocalypse Demon

Banewhip Punisher Bontu's Last Reckoning

Carrion Screecher Doomfall

Dreamstealer Grisly Survivor

Hour of Glory Khenra Eternal

Lethal Sting Liliana's Defeat

Lurching Rotbeast Marauding Boneslasher

Merciless Eternal Moaning Wall

Razaketh, the Foulblooded Razaketh's Rite

Ruin Rat Scrounger of Souls

Torment of Hailfire Torment of Scarabs

Torment of Venom Vile Manifestation

Without Weakness Wretched Camel

Abrade Blur of Blades

Burning-Fist Minotaur Chandra's Defeat

Chaos Maw Crash Through

Defiant Khenra Earthshaker Khenra

Fervent Paincaster Firebrand Archer

Frontline Devastator Gilded Cerodon

Granitic Titan Hazoret's Undying Fury

Hour of Devastation Imminent Doom

Inferno Jet Khenra Scrapper

Kindled Fury Magmaroth

Manticore Eternal Neheb, the Eternal

Open Fire Puncturing Blow

Sand Strangler Thorned Moloch

Wildfire Eternal Ambuscade

Beneath the Sands Bitterbow Sharpshooters

Devotee of Strength Dune Diviner

Feral Prowler Frilled Sandwalla

Gift of Strength Harrier Naga

Hope Tender Hour of Promise

Life Goes On Majestic Myriarch

Nissa's Defeat Oasis Ritualist

Overcome Pride Sovereign

Quarry Beetle Rampaging Hippo

Ramunap Excavator Ramunap Hydra

Resilient Khenra Rhonas's Last Stand

Rhonas's Stalwart Sidewinder Naga

Sifter Wurm Tenacious Hunter

Uncage the Menagerie Bloodwater Entity

The Locust God Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh

Obelisk Spider Resolute Survivors

River Hoopoe Samut, the Tested

The Scarab God The Scorpion God

Unraveling Mummy Farm/Market

Consign/Oblivion Claim/Fame

Struggle/Survive Appeal/Authority

Leave/Chance Reason/Believe

Grind/Dust Refuse/Cooperate

Driven/Despair Abandoned Sarcophagus

Crook of Condemnation Dagger of the Worthy

God-Pharaoh's Gift Graven Abomination

Hollow One Manalith

Mirage Mirror Sunset Pyramid

Traveler's Amulet Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs

Crypt of the Eternals Desert of the Fervent

Desert of the Glorified Desert of the Indomitable

Desert of the Mindful Desert of the True

Dunes of the Dead Endless Sands

Hashep Oasis Hostile Desert

Ifnir Deadlands Ipnu Rivulet

Ramunap Ruins Scavenger Grounds

Shefet Dunes Survivors' Encampment

Plains Island

Swamp Mountain

Forest Plains

Plains Island

Island Swamp

Swamp Mountain

Mountain Forest

Forest Nissa, Genesis Mage

Avid Reclaimer Brambleweft Behemoth

Nissa's Encouragement Woodland Stream

Nicol Bolas, the Deceiver Wasp of the Bitter End

Zealot of the God-Pharaoh Visage of Bolas

Cinder Barrens


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