In the Beginning: Cr@cking the Code

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  1. I usually never F6 – it is just a bad habit to get into, especially when playing with “free” abilities and spells. It sucks to have your Wild Mongrel get shocked to death. However, I love F4. It is one of the better “bluffs” in MTGO. Most people read and F4 activated during there untap as “Aha! My opponent F6′d and has nothing to do” this can occasionally trap an opponent into using a shock on a “vulnerable” Mongrel or chancing that “must resolve” spell into otherwise menacing untapped islands.

  2. Super helpful, I knew of the “hidden rooms” but didn’t know how things like the auctions worked so I have never joined, now i can. Also can’t you link cards with { Card }? As for the mana symbols is Control + Q + B for black, Control + Q + G for green, Control + Q + U for blue, Control + Q + W for white, and Control + Q + R for red.

  3. Good article I couldn’t find out how to edit my buy/sell posts.

    “First thing you absolutely need to know about Magic Online: In Magic Online you automatically pass priority when casting a spell.”

    To be fair, this is true in real life as well, but as long as you can communicate with your opponent it’s not hard at all to say “.. and in respons…” ;)

  4. This was very useful. Even though I use the program for years, this article tought me things I always wondered (such as the whole “Look at me!” part).

    Thanks for it again.


  5. Hello everyone,

    thanks for all the kind words. I actually learned a bit myself doing the research for this article. Unfortunately Wizards “sabotaged” some of my efforts with the recent formating changes for the classified list. Big font and color has been disabled with the recent build update from February 24th, 2010. Sorry for that guys.

    Take care and see you,


  6. Yeah, this was a really awesome post, helped me sell a bunch of packs, and then wizards made it not useful :(

  7. WotC gets a big thumbs down for their sabotage, if it was meant to improve classifieds it didn’t do the job. Also are there any legit hidden channels for trading?

  8. Other keys I use during matches:

    F2 = Presses ‘OK’ whenever this button is availabe.
    F9 = Presses ‘Yes’ whenever this button is available.
    F10* = Presses ‘No’ whenever this button is available.

    * – You have to press it twice tho.

    Does anyone know if there’s a keyboard combination for the ‘Cancel’ button?

  9. I’m always returning to this article for all the commands and such here as they are of great help even though I hardly use some of them.

  10. Sometimes I press F4, but after an opponent’s play, I want to cancel that F4 (i.e. for destroy a creature he casted at the end of turn). How can I cancel that?

  11. Oh my how this article has helped me!!! I spend time reading cards to find out what they do and get stuck…especially when my internet connection doesn’t want to play nice!!! Thanks for the material and the new bookmark ;-)!!!

  12. Glad to hear it!

    By the way, Gonzalo (even though your comment is old), you can right-click and select “remove auto-yields” to cancel all of your yields, including f4.

  13. Great tips, thanks! Is there a way to tap multiple lands at once, or cast with “whatever” lands, such as when your spell is going to use all of your mana anyway? The one-by-one clicks are tedious.

    Similar question about attacks; is there a shortcut for “send in the whole team?”