King of the Scrubs: A tale of an M11 Sealed Deck

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  1. I’ll admit I didn’t read all of it, but I did read most. I might take your Swiss tip, but I’ve always worried it may be a incredibly difficult to draft a good deck there exactly because the other players are often less than great. Signaling would be so hard. But I guess getting passed cards that shouldn’t be passed makes up for it.

    About the article style: Maybe a ‘decision point’ type of explanation would be better? I.e. ‘Match 1 I was paired against X/Y and we were trading blows in the early game, when this came up: …”.
    It might make the read a little more exciting because you get nearly all the same information but it’s boiled down to the good parts for your and my convenience.
    Just a suggestion of course, if other people like it like this then ignore it of course.

    And I agree with you on M11 being a little boring. But RoE is just over and we have to accept that :(

    Oh and grats on doing well in your events =)

  2. Pre release isn’t worth it unless you 4-0 or want the promo, release events definitely pay better.
    Good job. Round 2 opponent seemed to be a newer player, ornithopter and holy strength, singleton squadron hawks… But some nice bomb creatures like the serra and platinum angels hmm

  3. Really nice and detailed matchs, i like it, cause it passes down all the experience and helps identify what cards can turn matches.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. To be honest, it’s A LOT of work to break down a Sealed match. Draft is hard enough but Sealed games go longer….much longer…and sooooo much typing. I know a lot of people don’t want to read that much (I know I don’t) but I do try to give reasons why I did X and not Y. I think that’s the point of the blow by blow and why I do it.

    I had the opportunity tonight to help 2 brand new Magic players at my local shop in Jersey (after winning…man, I felt dirty after) but they were really receptive and that makes teaching much more fun. Honestly, every vet Magic player should be trying to teach. We always need more Magic players! I was really lucky tonight at the shop and Zwick was not…he flooded game 1 and was scrwed game 2 against me in the 2nd round. His deck was better. :)

    I did this a little in a past article but I think that focusing on specific board situations is a better way to approach Sealed Deck. I’ll leave the play by play for Drafts. However, I was rather proud of my vampire humor. :)

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