Limited Resources: Fall Cube Draft #1

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  1. man, i just don’t get why you didn’t even consider cutting the aether adept. I think farseek and deep analysis are both better than it for your deck.

  2. M3G1, the turn you played the sylvan library – I think the correct play there almost certainly is to tap out, +1 garruk for 2 additional mana, cast upheaval. Then play a land and use your 3 floating mana to cast garruk, and create a 3/3 beast. Honestly, the RB deck just has no way to recover from that when they have such a low life total anyway.

  3. I would have at least put some consideration into Birthing Pod P1P1. It’s easily one of the more powerful things you can do if taken early and can build around it. I was following the draft imagining if you had taken the Pod and your deck would have been really sweet. Love the vids! Can’t wait for khans to drop on modo!

  4. So many missed attacks with Treetop Village, using Garruk to get a 3/3 instead of leaving up Mana Leak/Remand when you’re RB opponent is about to draw extra turns. Sigh. Had you +1′s Garruk then you have an overrun for lethal the next turn with Mana Leak/Remand up. Creating a 3/3 gives you NOT LETHAL and NO Mana Leak/Remand. In what world is that ever better?!?!

  5. Channel. I never pass it if I’m green. I’ll first pick it, even if I have to throw it away later. I know it wasn’t good when you had the opportunity to take it, but then you got passed Ulamog, Emrakul, and Kozilek. Any one of those on turn 2-4 are usually game over for the opponent.

  6. Marshall, I like your videos and I love Simic, but can you please, one time, not draft UG with Upheaval? I would love to see you play the UB tempo deck you are always talking about.

  7. Sylvan Library is probably not for you. In the first match I think you made zero correct decisions with that card, taking damage for no reason, shuffling away cards you wanted, not having the mana to play things you kept…

  8. Sorry for double post. Cube is so sweet. R1G1 was so damn close. Aether Adept saved your ass! THIS is Magic.

  9. Glad to see you doing Swiss for Cubes again! There was a good amount of time where you were doing the 8-4s and we weren’t getting to watch 3 awesome rounds of magic, which is what I want out of cube(and why i was so disappointed when I got a bye round 2 in the cube over the past weekend, because I wasn’t playing Magic)

  10. M3 sideboarding commentary got me thinking all Rocky Horror:

    “Let’s pull the Time Warp again!”

    Love the drafting and looking forward to watching some KTK :)