Limited Resources: JBT Draft #1

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  1. In match 1 game 2 it seems you just didn’t see what to me looks like a just better play on that second to last turn. you can cast the anger and then the demolok and then swing with the asp he is forced to chump and lose his trailblazer. He then is either left with a 2/2 facing down your 8/9 and 6/6 or nothing facing down your 8/9 and 3/3. It plays around act or a falter effect. the only way I can think of it to be worse is if he goes non-red creature into burn to the face.

    Anyways, as all ways love the cast and the vids. PS tell brian to stream again.

  2. Oh Marshal, How does one ever pass on a Hunter’s Prowess… even if you don’t end up in green that is a card that simply wins the game, and you could probably splash it even if you go r/b.

    Good draft otherwise though.

  3. “But with this kind of top end Anger of the gods is very good”, Marshall declares as he looks at his drafted cards – 3 of his five drops and every single one of his four drops having 3 toughness or less…

  4. Not sure why you picked, ran and then didn’t side out Anger. It seemed you had a few chances to use it, albeit in some sub-optimal situations, but just weren’t going to. It’s a card that usually has some down side when cast, especially in limited, and should be included with that in mind.

    Just one man’s opinion, keep the great content coming.

  5. M2 G1 why didn’t you tap the Geist of st draft with your springleaf drum? I think this would have cause your opponents’ hand to fall to the ground in a fit of rage. (Kezzedrix told me to tell you that the beta client is looking great)

  6. That Odunos River Trawler was a bad pick. I’m not even being ROTy. You have one enchantment creature and it’s in a color that you wouldn’t play if you decide to run the Trawler.

  7. @Carrot

    Anger works well with a good late game because you clear out your opponent’s small creatures with it BEFORE you cast your 5 drops.

  8. Straight-up justice that the Hunter’s Prowess you passed up for a River Trawler bailed your opponent out of losing in round 2.

    You totally have a card crush on river trawler that blinded you. Sure, it’s a fine pick if you are heading towards WB, but you are red looking for green or black as a second color, and you pass a green bomb for a black card optimized in BW enchantments? You also have splashable black cards, so heading into pack two I was thinking we wanted to be GR with an option to splash the black.

    Thanks for giving me continued opportunities to feel vastly superior to you as I back-seat draft your free content, it’s like a weekly ego boost…

  9. @Godot: It was actually Fall of the Hammer he took over Prowess. He took the trawler over a Nyxborn Wolf.

  10. @tobbeanderberg, ah, I misremembered–that makes is just terrible instead of the worst pick ever. :)

    @RDA, sorry, I should have winked. Marsh is a buddy and I come in here and overreact to his mistakes for lols. I love his content.