Limited Resources: New Spring Cube Draft #2

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  1. Really think tarn was the pick since you where hoping to wheel the hallowed fountain and the good’ol free lotus cobra on turn 3 because of a fetch is always great. Flashfreeze is definitely a nice card to have tho.

  2. Match 1 Game 1: I think Control Magic on the geopede was a mistake. I think you made the poor assumption that you had to use tempo to win a matchup against what was almost surely a creature deck. You had a spell light draw and needed to make sure you got full value from every card in your hand. You should’ve waited for a better creature.

  3. A tip since you don’t seem to be aware of this: The other side of a card is not a property that can be copied. Copying a Huntmaster of the Fells is okay, but you’re only getting 2 2/2s out of the deal because under no circumstances can your creature transform. Thus in M1G1 your opponent really had no good obligation to kill your Huntmaster since it was nothing more than a textless 2/2.

  4. Quite the uncharacteristic showing from Marshall: seems to click before the think and not weighing options in these videos all the time, as we have come to expect from the champion of nuts & bolt spikes.

  5. Thanks for the content. Interesting to see you play against people who are making mistakes that you can’t even fathom them making – almost makes it harder for you to play optimally.

    Round 1 proved again to play out games and give people a chance to clock themselves – it’s a real part of MTGO!

    How exactly does Meloku work the turn he (she?) is played? If you haven’t dropped a land, can’t you bounce and land to make a flyer and then drop the land again untapped? I think you missed that a couple of times in various games.

  6. I feel like you passing up on every big threat that went by when you’re running multiple ramp spells and multiple mana dorks was a mistake. You didn’t even glance at Woodfall Primus and completely dismissed Polukranos but in most games your creatures just seemed massively outclassed by late game.

  7. I like cube, but Marshall you have to give old formats a try. It’s great to see you thrive in a format you love, but it’s interesting to see a player try something almost entirely new.

  8. Marshall played a similar, but better and more potent version of this deck on his most recent GatheringMagic video. Worth checking out.

  9. I think M1G2, the turn that you cast GSZ for 1 (to get a Mystic), you should have played a lot more aggressively. If you had cast GSZ for 2, you could have gotten a Goyf and then Phantasmal Imaged the Goyf. Instead of 3/3, 3/3, and 1/1, you would have had a 3/3, 3/3, 2/3, and 2/3. Just a creature and planeswalker away from having a pair of 4/5s after that.

  10. Human. Werewolf. Ninja. Closed the video, uninstalled MTGO, burned my binder. MTG is done.

  11. There was some power there. Decks 2 & 3 were no joke, and I’m really curious what the decks looked like you didn’t play against. My guess is someone tried for a combo like storm or reanimator and seriously just failed at it.

    I like Tradewind Rider how you like man-o-war, just one of those cards that’s a personal favorite. It’s too bad he didn’t get much action, and I’ve never really been able to make him work in cube.

    Thanks for more cube, wish it’d stick around longer.