Limited Resources RTR Draft #6

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  1. Great game Marshall, enjoyed playing with you. I feel I got lucky g1 when you flooded, hope to meet you in a queue again!

  2. Great videos. Really enjoy them.

    In match 2 game 1 I think playing the keyrune first is a misplay. Both skyknight first and keyrune first leave you with 2 open mana next turn to play an arrester or hold up the charm if you draw them. With the only 5 drop in you deck being an aura going keyrune first is just giving the villain 2 damage for free.

    In match 2 game 2 I think not attacking with both brids was a huge misplay. If you attack with both you can threaten lethal with both brids + spynix + keyrune. The only thing I can think of to punish attacking with both is double pump spells off 2 cards and even then you are still in the game. The line you took could have easily lost to an arrest or fogulate or judgment ect.

  3. Rummor has it that Innistard and AVR limited was all about ‘bulding your own Visara’ tool kits. And I feel that RTR limited is all about ‘building your own Serra Angel tool kits. Just throw Knightly Valor on a random 2/2 flyier and…tramtadad√ɬ°! Yeah that card is awesome…

  4. I called out NO!!!!! in the office when you tapped the 2 white mana for the drake. People stared at me.

  5. Nice Draft. Knightly Valor is such a strong card in general and especially in Azorius.

    In Match 2 Game 3, i think i would have let your opponent chump the sphinx in the last turn and then go for the revelation instead. I can’t imagine how you can lose if you draw cards and get out of Rogue’s Passage range. Not that it mattered in this situation, but i think in general, it’s the safer play.

  6. Your opponent should have killed you in m3g3 when he played the Korozda Guildmage. He should have shocked you with Pyroconvergence instead of the Vassal Soul and then the single pump of the Rubbleback Rhino gives it intimidate and you can’t block. But you returned the punt with the mana tapping to cast the Tower Drake.

  7. Regarding taking Steam Vents over a second Knightly Valor, I’m not sure it’s right, even if you’re going for tickets when you already have a pretty powerful deck. Knightly valor is strong enough that it will just win you games on evasive creatures, which you have plenty of. Often, cards like that can mean the difference between winning or losing the finals, so in an 8-4 with a strong foundation like you have, if the card isn’t worth potentially losing 4 packs (Shocklands really aren’t) then it’s not that great of a ticket move to grab it over a card that gives you an extra leg up.

  8. Why did you ignore Newprov guildmage’s second ability? He can give guys flying. You seemed to overlook the ability to let your seller block his griffin.

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