LoadingReadyRun #82: Origins Rare Draft

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  1. Great work, guys. The scry to Hallowed Moonlight was great, the flashlight and die was great, the flipping Chandra to have her eaten by a bug was great… nice work.

  2. Match 1 , Game 2…. you do realise that nissa’s pilgrimage puts one forest into your hand, which you can play? You essentially missed about 4 turns where you could’ve play it in addition to your other spells. Would’ve given you a chance at winning the game.

  3. Thoroughly entertained by these videos… I was cheering you guys on to get one win. You guys had so much fun so it doesn’t even matter. Achievements obtained casting your silly cards was better then a generic draft!

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  10. Well guys, after a few disappoinments this video was a real good one… too bad you never got the archive out and running. That would have really been the cherry on the funpie.

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  12. Awesome draft, I love the new rare draft rules it’s a lot more fun.
    And that Chandra “flip” was amazing :) So i guess hallowed moonlight could be a nice sideboard card against the 5 planeswalkers in mtgo until they fix it :)