LoadingReadyRun (Half)Draft #1: Best Laid Plans

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  1. “Don’t try this at home”, indeed.

    This is wrong in so many ways….

    I nearly fell from the chair when I saw your initial picks; particularly the nice mix of highly valuable basic lands. :-) MTGO rules!

  2. I also love the starting hand(s) of match 1 game 2. Jealous!
    I also like beardo’s idea (see below) of a draft where you have to take the card that comes first in alphabetical order in each pack.

  3. Not even past the first few minutes of the first video and already loving it.

    Please, please, PLEASE! I want more like this.


  4. I laughed out loud at that Fensnake hand R1G2, and then laughed out loud again at your two mulligans. You don’t need funny hats for Magic to be funny.

    And Round 2 opponent is playing 4-Color Township-Predator Ooze, my favorite Limited archetype of all time.

    Also, that lady in the background should probably get a TB-test.

  5. I was all “nooooo chapel Geist first you don’t want to get pwned by prey upon!”, then you got pwned by prey upon. Good work.

  6. I love the comment in round one of the Good Game. (Right click option is kinda likely.)

  7. yes yes yes!!!
    Marshall’s videos rock.
    Simon’s videos roll.
    now we have LRR videos to swing!
    more, please, Academy!

    ideas for future drafts:
    draft cards in alphabetical order…
    draft a mono-color deck NO MATTER WHAT…
    draft a zero-creature deck…
    do any of you have kids? have the kid pick the cards… the younger the better!

  8. My draft today started with increasing confusion so i thougt ‘why not make a mill-the-oponent-deck’… unfortunately i got only 1 bloody tomb and 1 of each of the other mill cards so i got too late with it in every game… i’d like to see you try to let that work !

  9. Thank you for doing this. It is such a breath of fresh air from all of the uber-serious Twitter stuff the Magic community is prone to producing. Proof positive that people have fun with this game in different ways.

  10. Was soo looking forward to the hat draft. Now I have to wait. I also like the idea of a surprise! themed draft where Graham and James have to force a deck around creatures with flash and instants.

  11. Just watched your Onslaught draft on twitch.tv last night and it was pretty great watching you guys flail through a new format. The Doom Cannon was a personal favorite. Welcome to Limited Resources.

  12. I was expecting some kind of giveaway or something good not just another draft video.

  13. Ive seen much worse decks than that. Not too bad all things considered.

    Wouldve preferred a hat draft though.

  14. woo Loading Ready Run on MTGO Academy my week just got better

    suppose i need to find time to watch more video’s

  15. him having the correct spelling and punctuation on the “good game” is due to him right clicking in the chat box.

  16. If you have MTGO set to record your drafts, you can check the folder:
    Documents\Games\Magic The Gathering Online\Drafts

    To see what you missed out on in the first pack and share it with us!

  17. Maybe she should try brownies instead? Or take some antihistamines for the cat?

    Congrats on doing so well with less than 2/3 of the draft in actual picks. If MtGO did in fact freeze causing you to miss those picks you can make a claim for reimbursement.

    If, however, you just had MtGO minimized while you were waiting for the draft to fill I highly recommend not doing that.

  18. @NONAME – You can do that? Aw, man!

    @tokamak – The weird thing is, MTGO hung up, then threw up the error “The event did not begin because not enough players joined before the deadline” or something similar. Then when we relaunched it said the server was down (we checked, it wasn’t) and THEN we restarted the computer. Then it worked, and you saw what happened there.

  19. Oh man, R1G2 when you go: “That’s the worst hand ever.” and then immediately mull into a worse hand I cracked up. Keep the great stuff coming :)

  20. Hi Graham and James,
    welcome to the Academy! I enjoyed your videos but I have to admit that I was expecting something different than “just” another contributor. I do get the impression that the focus of the Academy lies heavily on limited, doesn’t it. I would have preferred something else instead of drafting (no offense, guys).
    Greetings from Germany.

  21. I would want to see a

    Curses… Foiled again deck

    where you have to pick every curse or any Foil card has priority

  22. LRR is slowly consuming my life. A few more weekly shows and you’ll probably have me stuck watching you 24-7. Why must you do this to me?!

    Also, I like the Poop Dogs nickname better, simply because it reminds me of Invader Zim.

  23. this happened to me too, twice during triple ISD! And I won both drafts playing unfair (stalker + stuff). It felt great.

    Looking forward for next non-sense drafts, I really liked the hats idea XD

    You could try to draft DOUBLE-COLORED-CASTING-COST over everything else in the pack and see what happens. Or you could try a Metalcraft deck and just pick every artifact you see! :D

  24. Awesome! So, will Thursday Night Drafts default to non-silly drafts now? (I hope not. :-D)

  25. Woohoo, LRR videos. I love the checkpoint show on PATV, happy to have you guys here. This is the funniest draft video series i’ve ever seen, looking forward to the next one.

  26. You guys should definitely file for reimbursement then. That means you get a free draft out of the ordeal!

  27. Awesome stuff, keep it going!

    My suggestion, draft a mono-green creature ALWAYS ATTACK! deck. No spells, no tricks, no nothing. Just green creatures every turn.

    Never leave anything up to block.

    Just keep turning creatures sideways :D :D :D

  28. This is the unholy union of a Day[9] Funday Monday, a comedy podcast, and drafting.
    I approve wholeheartedly!

    Future drafting ideas:
    Hot Topic: Cards with skulls on them take pick priority! Non-corporal skulls are also valid.
    Ghost of Gary Gygax: All picks are determined by rolling a polyhedral die.
    Wild Thing: Draft only non-humanoids.
    Spaghetti-o’s: Draft the cards with the worst art.

  29. You should have scrapped this when MTGO failed and rerecorded a fancy hat draft.

    Autopicks and then salvaging into a boring WB deck is NOT INTERESTING.

    Also you don’t splash one Geistflame.