LoadingReadyRun Draft #16: Go for the Gold!

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  1. During game one with the Golgari guildmage and the 3 centaurs, can’t you wait until your opponent decides whose blocking and then use her ability to give the unblocked centaur +1/+1?

  2. I almost can’t watch any more. You didn’t just make a misplay by attacking Jace with vassal soul in Round 1, you made some form of meta-misplay by telling him that you forgot about Jace’s ability before he blocked. You literally made misplays outside of the game of magic to hinder your chances. IRL misplays. That and the fact that one of you doesn’t understand the way mana works like 8 times? :S

  3. For the record: the reason you couldn’t redirect the Rakdos Charm damage to Jace is that it’s the creatures that do the damage to their own controller… you only get to redirect the damage if you control the source of damage and its going to an opponent.

  4. The end of R1G3 was painful… Paul was even saying, cast the Chemister’s Trick without Overload, and then cast Common Bond… which would have left you with a 6/6 flier that could just eat the Ooze, and take 1 from the Centaur. But you just brush him off without even considering it…

  5. I think it’s awesome brewing up crappy 5 colour builds in the name of fun, its just the constant, and I mean constant, misplays and misreading of cards, and just not understanding various basic principles about what you can or cannot cast every turn, that get to me. Your attitude is good, but maybe a little more seriousness when it comes to actually playing your monstrosity :)

  6. In the last turn of the 1st Round, you could have Chemister’s Trick the Centaur and Common Bond your flyer, making your flyer a 6/6, and blocked the slime, taken 1 and left with an 4/4 and a 6/6 flyer, against his 1 centaur. Did you forget the Corpse Jack Menace doubled the Common Bond counters?

  7. That’s why LSV is so awesome…he’ll brew a monstrosity that’s pretty funny overall…and then destroy his opponents with it (in 8-4s).
    Misplays are painful for people to watch. We realize you aren’t building a serious deck – but it is so much more satisfying when you play it well. You could have played way tighter and won and then people love the videos even more instead of being annoyed at the many many misplays and even misunderstandings of the cards.

    Though, I do like your videos – I can’t stand anymore obvious misplays.

  8. I’m always visiting mtgoacademy.com because I love the content. Much to my surprise, as I started watching round 1, I saw my name as your opponent. This was hilarious to see. My deck had those bombs (Jace/Armada) but ended up with only 10 creatures. I remember saying to a friend who was watching me play “I can’t believe I’m winning a match with this deck, my deck is so slow and clunky.” Now I know why! You were actually TRYING to make yours slower and clunkier than mine and minus the bombs haha.

    I think the video is fine btw. Set is still new(ish) and it’s easy to not have every single card memorized. So you made some misplays, everybody does it, big deal. People are raging out on you guys for no reason. Thanks for the video though, it’s always really fun to watch “outside the box” episodes. They provide a lot of laughs.

  9. If we have noticed – there have been mis-plays from all 3 of the videos this week doing RTR. Remember – this was their first weekend of playing it – we now have almost 2 1/2 weeks of experience of playing these cards – I am sure we had many of mis-plays in our first weekend of RTR!

    It actually gives me a lot of hope that Simon, Marshall, and these silly guys mis-play a bit with new cards of a set – I know they will all tighten up their play in the future videos and that gives me hope that I can as well!

  10. Boy, some people just take this game so seriously, don’t they? I love your drafts, keep ‘em coming!

  11. It’s not about taking the game seriously. It’s about investing my time watching something that has the potential to be so much more entertaining.

    The fun of this series is in making an honest attempt to win after crippling yourself with silly restrictions. That’s classic comedy. But if you phone in the gameplay, then it feels like %100 pointless goofing around. It’s a lot more fun to watch if everybody’s wearing their game face and it’s a genuine challenge. When Marshall made a guest appearance, I thought he set the right tone.

    Of course, different people want different things from their Magic videos. The complainers, me included, just want this series to be something that it isn’t.

  12. I think GenericCasualGuy should change his name to StrategyCardSpecificWayTooSeriousGuy so my brain will stop dry heaving when I try to apply it to his comments. And if the name is meant to be Ironic, but you still don’t grasp the nature of these drafts…well… at least that gives me another reason to drink.
    I personally thought the Goblin Raiden beat down was hilarious (bet they never saw it coming).
    Keep it up, guys!

  13. I agree with Psychotronic. While I can excuse the misplays (oh the misplays), I still think the games are a bit more lax than I would like.

    I’m still waiting for the mom draft, easily the most crippling draft you’re likely to have, but I am expecting the games to be played straight-faced and with an understanding of what you’re working with.

    I’m just trying to be constructive though. I love all your videos, and I’m thankful for all the content you guys put out. Thanks for making the videos, and thanks for reading our (sometimes harsh) criticism.

  14. To everyone, I freely admit that there were an awful lot of misplays in this episode. Clearly more than we’d like, and certainly more than there should be, regardless of comedy.

    RTR is a big jump in complexity from M13.
    But, I’ve been drafting more RTR myself, and I hope that our next video will be tighter gameplay-wise.

  15. I don’t understand, most of the misplays had nothing to do with the “new set”, they were simply because a) they didn’t read the card b) they didn’t consider what was in their hand at the time when making decisions c) they didn’t consider the current board state.

    What does this have to do with the current set?

    Again, I’m not really complaining. I still love the videos, I’m trying to give constructive criticism, for the benefit of everyone.

    The key point I want to make is that if you win with a silly deck – it’s WAY more awesome and entertaining – and with a silly deck, tight play is very important to make it work.

  16. @sjd: That’s EXACTLY why those issues are a problem. Presenting a commentary on videos means you’re mentally in two places at once, and if you already innately know what the cards do, you don’t HAVE to think about what’s in your hand or read what the cards do.

    Being unfamiliar with the set and trying to balance playing, commenting, and not running out the clock can be challenging and this week it resulted in misplays.

  17. I didn’t see anyone else mention this, but you guys kept saying that if you had a +1/+1 counter on the Tresle Troll you could be able to kill the Minotaur Aggressor. The Aggressor has first strike and regeneration takes the creature out of combat.

    Love the videos though. Freaking great stuff that I can even get my GF to watch with me :)

  18. You’ve both got engaging microphone attitudes, but the misplays made this unwatchable unfortunately. I stopped watching near the end of game 1 match 2 as it was just kind of painful.

    There’s a point to having fun and playing with something experimental, but if you’re going to play it for an audience, I think it’s assumed you’ll know how to play the game/actually attempt to pull it off.

  19. I’m not a fan of the beta also, but these vids are the only way of getting used to it I have. The beta is a problem we can’t keep ignoring unfortunately, otherwise it will bite us in the @ss…(I played the RtR-cards in beta before prerelease and that was no joy so I try to keep away from the beta).
    Ideas for RtR-drafts : milling (much more silly then in previous sets), non-creature decks,…

  20. Misplays aside, It sill is a comedy draft, they even admitted this week contained a few more misplays than they’d like, it’s not like Graham and Paul sat there thinking about crippling the viewing. Similarly these have always been advertised as not something to watch to if youre looking to learn strategy, but for fun. Finally, watching someone make a mistake shouldnt be physically painful for you regardless of how glaring the error might be to you, the classic form of comedy is a simple blunder, and no mistake is so grievous to ever literally cause you harm so dont act mellodramatic.

    And on a side note: If you dont like the beta then dont play it, but dont make yourself look like a fool in the comments.

  21. dude- don’t sweat the misplays. People are taking it too seriously. Just have fun. You know, like people normally do with a game. When I watch top players get bent out of shape about missplays or starting to tilt after a play that they screwed up, I always turn it off. It isn’t fun anymore. You guys keep it fun. Keep doing what you are doing.