LoadingReadyRun Draft #17: Chronically Flooded

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  1. Great games guys! I think you were just an axebane guardian and a couple doorkeeprs away from a competent deck.
    Although in match 3 game 1 you really should have put chronic flooding on your own land because you had the psychic spiral already in your hand. You probably would have won that game with that play.

  2. The mill deck does work in RtR limited, it’s just not really easy to force. You need more Doorkeeper and definitely Hover barriers and some Gatekeeper vines. After that it’s easy. I went against a mill deck with 4 Hover Barriers and 6 Doorkeepers in prerelease… that game was frustrating as hell and over very quickly.

  3. You can spend the mana from a keyrune to activate it. You generally don’t because it would be tapped, but in the case of Slum Reaper you don’t care if it’s tapped or not. M1 G2 was yours.

  4. Also M3G1 ….why did you play the doorkeeper first…if you had played the 2/1 first you could have gotten in for 2 attacks milling him 4 more. That plus the advice above would have easily won you the game.

  5. Aww man, you guys should’ve run urban burgeldurbel. Then you could’ve used that and chronic flooding to mill yourselves extra fast and then psychic spiral the everloving crap out of them.

  6. Like Jadoth said… You were talking about milling yourself and then spiralling… I was so sad that you guys didn’t do it in m3g1 :(

  7. Can’t believe you guys won a match, that was great :) Always fun to see a mill plan play out as intended :D

    M1G2 you could’ve activated your keyrune and sac’d it to the slumreaper by tapping it for the red mana, and still had mana to activate doorkeeper, but it didn’t matter in the end :) Turn 0 scoop WOO!

  8. M1G3 you should activate keyrune in response to Slum Reaper, then sacrifice the tapped keyrun instead of untapped courier. That way, you would be actualy able to survive the alfa strike.

  9. If you had tried the self-mill psychic spiral plan, the Lotleth Troll would have been AMAZING in your deck. Discard all your dudes to make a huge regenerating blocker, then blow up their library.

  10. watching you fail to chronic flooding yourself and then psychic spiral ftw was painful. If you are going to do a fun draft like this (which we appreciate and is fun to watch, don’t get me wrong) – at least pay attention and play it right. You made a lot of mistakes :(

  11. at around 14 minutes you were talking about self mill psychic spiral plan and just as you finished that sentence passed a grisly salvage OH NO!

  12. TWICE! For going a mill deck you sure passed a lot of stuff that put cards in graveyards.

  13. Argh! Round 1, Game 2, you could have animated the keyrune using itself as the red source, sacced it to the opponent’s creature, survived the swing at 3, and won on the opponent’s next draw! You were so close!

  14. That was entertaining but it could have gone better if done something more oddball rather then force an archetype when you just didn’t have it.

  15. I think Sphere of Safety should have been given a second glance; it has some fun synergies in a deck full of Chronic Floodings (and is an all around great comedy draft card). Of course, your mana would have been even more terrible with the white splash, seeing as how you got cut on all the green fixers.

    As others have pointed out, you also missed out on some Psychic Spiral/Grisly Salvage synergies.

  16. Okay guys you open the mythic that fits into the UBG mill your self deck you are forcing and you are shipping it and complaining i was yelling at the screen. Jarad is so good with cronic flooding.

  17. Yeah, not taking the Jarad and the World spine Wurm in the self-mill defensive ramp comedy draft seems a bit off.

  18. I agree with Indraco. Sphere forces them to use the chronic flooded lands. Should have given it a second chance imo. Thanks for the vids!

  19. I get why you are running the lobber crew, but it seems extremely out of place and hard to cast. Because of that one card, you ran 4 colors, when there were many more white cards you could’ve run to help you out. Chronic flooding plays well with sphere of safety. Both of those cards play well with ethereal armor. You armor up 1 doorkeeper with flooding and safety on the board, and every time you are attacked it works in your advantage. One armor on a doorkeeper with sphere and chronic flooding and they are paying 3 per creature and attacking into a 3/7 first striker. That should’ve been the goal. Make all their plays bad, and mill when they don’t play anything. Forcing blue white with a SPLASH black (jailbreaker for defender and stabwound for enchantment count) or red (lobber crew, fire, izzet keyrune) or green (axbane, populate yourself some blockers *hi growing ranks*) was the play for this deck.

    Also, you played crosstown late every time you had him. Like you said, he kills before he mills, but he often is out classed by the time you drop him late game. You want to get him in while the getting is good! Plus, you played the doorkeeper on an empty board, and then didn’t activate him in favor of then playing the crosstown. I just don’t understand that line?

    Also, you jumped on doorkeepers and stuff like that early, which I understand that is the comedy draft, but you KNOW those are going to table. And if they don’t, you know you should’t be drafting that deck anyway.

    People also commented on the flooding/spiral combo that you talked about when drafting, but missed when playing.

    Don’t get me wrong- not trying to rail on you. I’m a huge fan of LRR. Just think that there is a huge potential for this deck, and am only saying this so maybe you’ll give it another shot. I think it is a great comedy draft deck. PLEASE play it again. Maybe on the live draft. You didn’t get enough doorkeepers anyway! :)

  20. by the way- take this with a grain of salt. Everything is easier to see when you aren’t in the moment, and hindsight on a draft will get you in trouble.

    Also- drafting golgari with a chronic flooding your own lands / spiral win condition could’ve been fun. Just realized that and the troll you picked up pack 1 would’ve been really fun. If you ever open pack rat, PLEASE make a trolling deck of packrats that don’t attack and use psychic spiral to win.

  21. I think these would be more entertaining if you guys brought in a more experienced player as a “consultant.” I don’t mean to convince you to try and spike the draft, but to work towards your goal more efficiently and not make as many play mistakes. I really like the idea of you guys going for the wacky archetypes we all have thought about trying but don’t want to waste 14 tickets on, but it’s really painful when you miss out on cards/interactions that are perfect for you.

    First and foremost: chronic flooding + psychic spiral is the fastest and most efficient mill plan you can have. When you’re using chronic flooding on your own land, you will always mill 3 a turn, whereas they can just avoid it after a few turns. When you have psychic spirals (and perhaps some treasured finds to work as tutors if you’re doing the self-mill plan) in your deck, milling yourself is not only just as good as milling them, it’s better. You don’t risk milling scavenge cards, and you have the opportunity to stock your own graveyard with scavenge, targets for treasured find, or things like Jarad (why didn’t you take him? WHY???!!!).

    BUG lets you play axebanes, gatecreepers, doorkeepers, hover barriers, trestle trolls, lotleth trolls (to marginally increase your spirals), treasured find, chronic flooding, and urban burgeoning (basically chronic flooding for 1 mana when you have 4+ in your deck). The beautiful thing about those colors for the archetype is you get the best walls to give tons of mana with your axebanes, and huge mills with the doorkeepers. You don’t even need more than a single psychic spiral if you have codex shredders, because you can get it back if you mill it! Between treasured find and codex shredders, you’ll have more than enough ways of getting things back from your graveyard that you can adapt to a lot of situations.

    Basically, please do this draft again, but PLEASE do the self-mill version: it’s a lot more viable and is just cooler in general.

  22. Dunno why people are harping on them for doing something silly. Seriously guys, calm down. If you are so bent out of shape because they keep making “misplays” then simply stop watching. Personally I like the drafts because they AREN’T playing it to the max, and just having fun.

    Limited Primal Surge ftw XD

  23. Love these drafts. Even with the misplays where I talk at my computer screen as if you guys could hear me, these are immensely entertaining.

    Don’t know if you are interested in ideas for these comedy drafts, but you have a unique opportunity with RtR to do a set of off-guild drafts. Meaning, force draft a guild that is NOT in Return to Ravnica. You would be allowed to splash for gold cards if it came to that, but part of the point would be to try and stay in Gruul, Dimir, Boros, Orzhov, or Simic colors exclusively and see if you could make it work. It has the advantage that you can try to make good picks while still doing something “wacky”