LoadingReadyRun Draft #2: The Amazing Hats of Innistrad

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  1. Oh man, only done with the deckbuilding and I can already see 4-color hats will be the new killer archetype in DII draft. I love your detailed card analysis on the basis of which is the cooler hat.
    When trying to make a case for cards to pick I think you could have taken a desperate ravings in some of the no-hat packs because she’s so mad at her hat being taken away.
    Also, you were sad that you had no mana fixing but you had mulch with a hat most likely in the house. Which might have been better than another land with absolutely no possibly of any hats.

  2. What are the chances of MTGOAcademy uploading videos to Blip?

    These videos take forever to load.

  3. Got the first ten seconds of the drafting to begin with, now all the videos are saying ‘not found’.

    I needs my LRR-draft.

  4. It was working, now it isn’t.

    And when it stopped working, the mp4 versions stopped downloading.

    I’ve cleared my cache and reloaded since the comment said it was working again. It didn’t help.

  5. So frustrating. I’ve now watched the first half hour of the draft, and the first 15 minutes of round 1, and I need to know the rest of the story!!

  6. can see it now, considering its hat drafted its not the worst deck ever!!! i’d have found an excuse to cut the green but thats all!!!

  7. orcidas says:
    April 12, 2012 at 4:12 AM (Edit)
    im guessing LRR are so popular it has killed the Academy Video Servers!!!

    There is something true about this statement. The rest of the truth is that spoiler season kicks up views all over the Magic Net. It’s the perfect storm.

  8. just finished watching draft & deckbuilding… excellent focus on sticking to your hat archetype while deckbuilding. you included the Hauberk as the only non-hat card, but you know… is a shirt really all that far off the mark? I think it’s justifiable… who wears a hat without a shirt??

  9. Saving grasp guy has just dropped his hat, I’d take that over “wearing the floor as a hat” any day, looks like he’s trying to get it as well, despite his precarious situation.

    Dude loves his hat.

  10. I was greatly amused throughout this draft and cannot wait till the one in.. a fortnight.

  11. Yeah, great stuff, but it might be so slow to stream/download because it’s huge. Can probably compress that down a bit. MTGO isn’t pretty enough to demand high def :)

  12. Any Idea why I’m not getting any sound from the Videos? Tried downloading it not getting any sound their.

  13. Draft Idea:

    Mono Green Beats – All green creatures, no spells, no pumps, no nothing, just green dudes that always swing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Draft Idea:

    You can only pick cards where someone is holding some sort of equipment/weapon. Like, Village Ironsmith has a hammer, Gatstaf Shepherd has a staff, Diregraf Goul has a pitchfork (or similar, not holding, but still kinda attached to it’s body, so it should count) and so on.

    And thanks for the fun draft!

  15. Awesome hat draft, as expected.

    But you missed being able to buy one extra turn in M1G2 (for all the good it would have done)

    If you don’t cast a spell, his Ironsmith flips, which gives him 3 power of first strike damage.
    On his attack, you take the 3, going down to 4 and then you can Faith’s Shield to prevent the non-first strike damage.

    It might have given you a chance to at least rip another classy hat to slam down …

  16. Best. thing. ever.

    if you ever see lost in the woods, you should immediately start recording and do the 1x lost in the woods 39 forests.dec draft.

  17. Passing on a Butcher’s Cleaver in favor of a nicer hat is the most courageous pick I have ever seen. You are both gentlemen and scholars.

    BTW, that’s definitely Civilized Scholar’s hat in the background of the flipped side.

  18. Great video, I found it immensely entertaining. Can’t wait for your next one.

  19. Lots of fun! I may force a Hat Draft this week at my local shop! Why not? It’s the end of the format anyway. :D