LoadingReadyRun Draft #33: Keyword Krazy

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  1. you just turned this site into a joke. worst idea ever. useless. really is. useless.

  2. you just turned this site into a joke. best idea ever. fantastic. really is.

  3. @Isv – The thing that’s immensely funny right now is that you completely missed the point of their presence here. They do joke drafts – that’s their shtick.

    @bkibler – Good work.

    Great idea for a draft, guys – I really enjoyed seeing you pick cards. I was a bit headdesky during the games, though xD

  4. You know what makes tokens? That Trostani’s Summoner you passed ;)

    I do still love the insanity that is your drafts.

  5. Winning with Dragonshift, just wow. Imagine how much you would win with these crap decks if you didn’t punt so often.

  6. Oh that was great. It may have edged out the 23rd card deck, especially thanks to how R3 ended. Well done.

    BTW, you could have gotten populate had someone used rapid hybridization on one of your dudes. (Granted, your dudes would have needed to be worth hybridizing but different conversation)

  7. I really like the idea of having a completely alternate ‘win’ condition that doesn’t actually care if you win the game or not. Kinda reminds me of your Primal Surge draft.

    As always, don’t worry about people calling you out on misplays. We get that you’re not professional magic players. Some people just don’t know how to relax.

  8. Thank you so much. This made me incredibly happy. I call being able to battalion next turn a win, and technically, you did populate, you just didn’t have a creature token to target with it. Just like Cipher, technically you ciphered even though you didn’t copy the encoded spell, with populate, technically you populated no target.

  9. Great idea for a LRR draft. My only wish is that you’d stuck to your guns a LITTLE more in the RTR pack. If you’d taken the Scorpion over the Blessing you would have had a much easier to scavenge creature, and then you could have picked up Slime Molding for your token no problem. Collective Blessing is sweet but I don’t think it really advanced your “win condition” that you were going for, and was quite hard to cast.

    Keep up the awesome theme drafts!

  10. Great concept, but I think you got distracted by trying to take good/better cards too often. Stick to your guns! Cards like Collective Blessing don’t do anything for you in terms of your goal this time!

  11. If you do something similar in the future, it seems like it would make sense to be base green, where you have access to a little more fixing. Oh well. Fun idea anyway. :)

  12. I say if playing Trostani`s Judgement with no token target counts as half a populate, then having Nav Squad Commando on board with two other creatures (which your opponent scoops to) counts as half a battalion, so let`s just bring that Keyword Kount up to an even 9.

  13. I would argue that Fuse also should have been included as a keyword.

    Its not one of the guild mechanics but it is something unique to RTR block.

  14. If that last match wasn’t a thing of beauty then I guess I just don’t know anything anymore.

    You guys continue to make my fortnights.

  15. I’m pretty impressed that you not only maindecked but cast a card with each guild keyword printed on it. Forget that you didn’t get any tokens and that jerk conceded to Nav Squad. Your deck had 24 guild marked cards in it. Of the remaining 16, 14 were basics. So all in all I’d say that was a pretty grand tribute to send off RtR. Theros should be so lucky.

  16. Haha, that’s great how the last guy denied your victory by conceding. Farewell Ravnica, you shall be missed.

    Also, I got to see an overloaded Dragonshift. I think I can die happy now.

  17. OK, I’m just going to say you got there. Him scooping right before you activated battalion has to count as getting it. Would you have considered it a loss if every opponent had scooped? Well…Maybe.

    Either way, that last match was insane, it’s absolutely amazing that your deck beat anyone, but actually getting to use Dragon Storm was amazing. It’s still a terrible card, but man, you just made it look awesome.

  18. Just watched the draft, pretty hilarious but if you guys win a match I’ll have to figure out how to stop playing Magic.

  19. Watched the draft – didn’t have the desire to watch the games – after reading the comments though I did check out the Round 3 Dragonshift win – pretty sweet.

    I have had fun the past few weeks just playing the 4-5 color good stuff decks Travis Woo had a lot of success with. You just pick all the gates and gatekeepers you can in pack 1 and then just pick all the good stuff from the last 2 packs – this would have been a sweet draft for that with Collective Blessing in the last pack!

    You can practically take all the removal from packs 2 & 3 as well as a couple of creature fatties to finish the game. Saruli gatekeepers are the best for keeping the game going long!

  20. I have to agree with Lord Hosk. Pretty late in pack one you could have taken an Armed//Dangerous over whatever you did take that didn’t have a guild keyword on it. (I can’t remember what it was possibly a cluestone.)

    I really do enjoy watching your drafts. The funnier and more outlandish the concept/restriction the better. Keep up the good work.

  21. you should stream you guys playing…not the mtgo but like you do with your podcasts

  22. Cube or Rise of the Eldrazi? How are you guys gonna do RotE? Are they putting a limited draft for it back on MTGO soon? Seems… odd.

  23. Rezton The stream MTGO almost every Thursday on twitch, and both Graham and James have started streaming other games periodically.


  24. You guys were a lot more fun when you didn’t care about “good cards” and you just stuck to your draft plan. The Hat Draft was concerned about hats first, winning games second. That’s what made you guys fun.

    It bothers me that you didn’t draft anything to populate, it bothers me that you didn’t draft a Fuse card and with Consuming Aberration in the second pack, you could have even had the “grind” mechanic, as well. The drought of Battalion was a surprise for pack 2, but other than that, had you thought ahead of time on what it meant to draft all the mechanics, you could have done something really special. I honestly thought that Aberration was going to make it in the deck when I saw it. Bonus grind mechanic… and you let it slip away.

    You guys have your own Twitch account for when you want to be “competitive.” If you’re going to go into the game with a wacky goal, the reason I watch these videos, don’t short change us. Plan it out ahead of time. Make sure you’re prepared to hit your objectives. As it is, after watching the first video, I really wish you guys recorded another one instead of posting this one where you actually do what you told us you were going to do.

    I haven’t watched the actual games yet, but that’s because I’m disappointed that you guys could have actually done something special, especially with the cards in the pack you had and we got short changed. I find myself dragging my feet when it comes to watching the game videos.

    I know this post is overly negative, but I wouldn’t be posting if I didn’t care.