LoadingReadyRun Draft #34: The Angels of Life

After the draft not going anywhere near as planned, Graham tries to forge a new, different archetype in M14. Check out matches 2 and 3 for the plan running at peak operation.

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  1. deck seems decent, if you hadn’t made that punt in the first match you would of easily won and maybe go 3-0.

  2. Definetly one of your best drafts. It’s great when you get a deck that is both really playable and wonderfully silly.

  3. Fun draft to watch!
    I kept waiting for you to have a chance to play Solemn Offering during their turn and realize it’s a sorcery.
    …or the double hilarious option of Offering your staff -_^

  4. solemn offering is a sorcery. Not much point in holding up mana on their turn
    But otherwise nice deck
    i was wondering if this archetype was feasible. looks like it

  5. “That’s why it’s important to work out your turn before you just slam lands”…

    I learned the same lesson at the prerelease… multiple times just dropped a land immediately at the start of the turn, with a Sporemound in my hand that I should have cast first…

  6. Love the draft, and I agree with an earlier comment. If you had played the staff first and gotten the angel that turn it would have been 3-0 for the draft.
    That said, great to watch! Good deck, love all the interaction.

  7. Very cool fringe deck – and it could have been more viable even had you started with the clear angel-life plan. Agree with the comments above, I always enjoy your LRR drafts but I do prefer them when you draft something both hilarious and potentially competitive as opposed to just insane/unworkable.

    M14 is a bit dull/vanilla obviously in a core set way, but I enjoy the fact that it is slow enough for weird, fringe strategies to be viable. In addition to the lifegain angel shenanigans, I’ve seen a few other interesting decks that are semi-viable – like yesterday I drafted what I felt was a pretty optimal UB removal heavy fliers deck… and went 2-0 very easily against sane/expected creature decks… but got horrifically kicked by a very unexpected control/mill deck that wiped me with the insulting combo of Traumatize/Tome Scours and Opportunity – admittedly it played into the one big weakness of my deck (the draft had a serious lack of Negates/Cancels and I had none to SB in) – but I enjoy a format where you can have a generally strong deck and still get a surprise out of leftfield!

  8. I’m still trying to figure out why he didn’t block your Sliver towards the end of M3G3 with everything, you’d kill a bunch of his stuff, but you’d lose your only good blocker. He could have easily beat you then.

    New format, people just aren’t thinking creatively enough I guess. Also not sure why he scooped, he still was in no danger of dying.

  9. you saw it here first people, sentinel sliver enough to hold back 10+ creatures

  10. I kept thinking you should have played the Door and Named Angels. Till I went back and read the card again. Thought it was when type comes into play, and not Cast… anyways Great Draft and keep up the Good Content!

  11. Bubbling cauldron would have been hilarious. Sac an angel token, gain four life, get angel token.

  12. This is a little random, but I didn’t know where else I would give this suggestion. I thought of a great idea for another wacky draft.

    I call it: The Bomb Squad

    The rules are simple:
    1. Take all bombs or anything that is on the edge of bomb status (ie: Air Servant in M14)
    2. If there isn’t a bomb in the pack, you can take whatever you think is best for the deck, but you have to give a reason for why that card is a bomb (ie: Ember Beast in RTR block)

    I think it would be a funny draft to watch you pick up bombs, and have to explain why cards that aren’t bombs, definitely are. And you’d end up with a deck of only bombs.

  13. I have an idea for you: Try to draft (and play) as many ‘sideboard’ cards and/or highly situational cards as you can, while staying 3-color max., and play them main!

  14. Great deck – went for slivers got the lifegain angels deck.

    Again it was the optimal angels deck – you passed 2 brindle boars (1 first pack, 1 second pack) and a Elixir of Immortality (1st pack) and Bubbling Cauldron (2nd pack) – although you didn’t know you were angels until pack 2.

    I have played against angels once in sealed – beat it – he went for a stall plan with this angels/lifegain – never attacked with his angels – games went really long, but I eeked out a win both game.

    I played angels once in sealed – had the B/W version with Bubbling Cauldron, Bogbrew Witch (no newts though), and Trading Post. Cauldron and Trading Post are the long-game mana sink combo cards with Angels – make a goat, sack a goat, get an angel – slow as dirt though! Went 2-2 in my sealed with it.

    Silly ideas for M14:

    1. Angel deck – obviously!
    2. Bear-force one – not enough bear 2-drops in this format to make it viable – in fact good 2-3 drops are few and far between – so you could try mono-other CCM cost – just makes you really susceptible to rachet bomb!
    3. The 1-drop 1/1s seems silly enough but where does it go – not enough impact to survive long enough to do anything fun with them – unless you work really hard to make a sac deck with them – Blood Bairns, Impact (red enchantment to fling them at your opponent or his creatures for damage), and Gravedigger – make sure you take other cards that make 1/1s – red sorcery to make 2 flip a coin, pyromancer, sporemound – again, even then I don’t think you survive the bigger creatures.
    4. Exploring mono-each color would be interesting – I think each color has a few cards that make it worthwhile: green – wolf sorcery, black – corrupts and quaq sickness, white – life gain, white weenie (Capasian Knights!), blue – might be the weakest mono-color, and red – all out-aggro with late game fireballs and lava axes.

    Just off the top of my head – I’ll think of more later!

  15. In R2M1 you had him for lethal with the Show of Valor, by the way. (Not that it mattered, but still…)

    Hope to play against some of you guys at FNM when I’m down in Victoria next month! I have a terrible commander deck that I kinda want to give to you guys as it’s such an Ikea bookshelf of an idea that doesn’t really work… :)

  16. It’s an Ikea gun, William McDuff. An Ikea gun.

    Top draft Graham, thanks as always. Nice to see no hateful comments from those who don’t get it for once, too!