LoadingReadyRun Draft #39: Theros‘ Best-Dressed

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  1. Absolutely phenomenal. Suggestion for next week: “Draft the Pyxis Deck.” It’d be like the aborted “Door Into Nothingness” draft you tried once or twice, but with an even sillier artifact.

  2. i would love to see a LRR pyxis deck, though i hope that it doesnt turn into the crackling perimiter pipe dream.

  3. How about the most monstrous monster as a condition for a draft, always picking the coolest/scariest looking monster in the pack.

    Another idea would be the myth making draft where the closest card to an actual myth gets in.

  4. Graham, You are lucky Kathleen loves you so much and your beard is so magnificent. From what I heard, anyone else, would have been killed and fed to the cats.

  5. R2, should’ve boarded in Gainsay.

    Heck, after R2G1 you should’ve boarded in Gainsay, because you saw he was in G/U and you saw 2 horizon chimeras.

  6. Dear GDI Fleecemane Lion,

    You can use the Agent of the Fates you saw to make them sacrifice it.

  7. I’m pretty sure the only ways to kill a Monstrous Fleecemane Lion in Theros is either Agent of Fates or collecting 4 Shipwreck Sirens and tapping all of them to put -4/-4 on all attacking creatures.

  8. In round 3 you asked if it was possible to get 3 fleecemane’s in one draft, I ca tell you it is 100% possible, though not probable, at least in paper magic. Yesterday I managed to open a box with 3 fleecemanes in it, I had to double check rarity to make sure it wasn’t uncommon :P

  9. Suggestions for Theros:

    Make your own monster- go for the biggest P/T with auras and heroic!
    Since Theros is the enchantment block, draft ONLY enchantments!
    Since Theros is the enchantment block, draft NO enchantments and all the enchantment hate!
    The first time you open Pyxsis, of course go for it!
    Monsters – you can only attack with monstrous creatures (after they have been made monstrous of course)!
    Devotion Decks – you could easily try out each color for their devotion cards – mono is good again!
    Anti-devotion – play every gold card and fixer you can grab for 5-color good stuff!

  10. More suggestions:

    Mono-artifact party! There are enough artifacts in Theros that you can reasonably expect to see a half-dozen or so per pack, and some of them are even wheelable at rare. Take as many as possible and then run five colors of land just for the heck of it.

    Storytime Draft 3! What better set is there for a storytime draft than a set based entirely on actual stories?

  11. I want to see a draft of an all-Bestow deck. No creatures allowed unless they have Bestow. Or at least no creatures unless they are also enchantments (gotta let them grab a god if they get one). This would go well with trying to get max pants on a creature, too.

  12. Can’t you Glare of Heresy the Fleecemane Lion in response to the monstrosity activation? Or am i missing something?

    And i think a rare-draft for Theros is a must.

  13. Great draft. only one misstep (although heresy could have been cast earlier) but the banter was witty, the format was fun and Kathleen/Graham was great:)

  14. I think you guys feared the Lion too much and did not give the Warrior enough credit in match 3 game 1. It caused you to make sketchy plays because you just assumed you were dead early on, like playing the 2/2 instead of the 3/2 that may have kept the not-yet-indestructible kitty at bay a couple turns. I mean, I know he had the Divine Verdict later, but if you had loaded up the Warrior instead of the Hoplite, I don’t think he would have been able to pump high enough to take it out as easily as he did the Hoplite and you’d have had something for the kitty to bounce off of for a while.

    Still, your deck looked great for a wacky draft (heck, I’d say great for a non-wacky draft). And you might even have gotten to the finals if you hadn’t [EVENT REDACTED]. =P