LoadingReadyRun Draft #47: Theros Rare Draft

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  1. Yay! I’m glad I reminded you!

    On another note, it always feels like the wackier the draft is, the more I feel that there should be a message on screen that says:

    “These wacky drafts are attempted by trained professionals. Do not try this at home.”

  2. This was awesome!! Thanks for returning to your roots and doing what you guys do best, an actually wacky draft :)

  3. I still have the problem that all YouTube embeds do not show a fullscreen button. It’s really annoying and I think a problem on your end. Furthermore I wonder if you cut the 1080p quality? I only have 360p and 720p to choose from?

    Still a nice draft, really like those. No Pyxis blowout kinda disappointing though. :/

  4. @Kickchon: What browser are you using? With Chrome I get the full screen button, and I’m also getting the 1080p option on all the videos. I’ve used Safari in the past and sometimes can’t get the full screen button. Note that you always have the option of clicking on the title of the video to watch it directly from our Youtube channel.

  5. I can’t believe they used the Pyxis on their own turn xD It was only made worse by getting basically no value out of it while their opponent got everything. It’s an instant-speed ability, isn’t it?

  6. The kezzerdrix above is an impostor and shoulöd be ignored, nothing is wrong with theros since if u wait a little, prizes on cards will go up.

    The beta however is another matter. it is awful and should be boycotted. It seems like you never learn.

  7. What’s wrong with the beta? I’ve only been using the beta for months now and I’ve never had a problem with it. I find the old client looks cluttered and is confusing to use.

  8. M1G1: You throw this game by using a Main Phase Keepsake Gorgon. You should have waited to respond to his Cutthroat Maneuver. Obvious play. No idea how you fucked that one up and spewed an activated MP1 ability like a newbie Magic player.

  9. Enjoyed watching very much. Felt you missed some good plays in the first two games that could have yielded wins. BTW have you ever gotten an answer on the color of the arrows. I’m super curious now. Last rant…i like beta interface but it is taxing for the computer to run. I almost gave up MTGO a couple of months ago but got back to V3 and have had nearly perfect play since.

  10. is there even one kexxerdrix anymore I always thought he was just the Guy Fawkes of mtgoacademy

  11. I fixed the problem. Apparently the YouTube HTML5 Player is not completely suitable for embeds and only gives you the 360p, 720p quality options and no fullscreen option. You can opt out of using it on http://www.youtube.com/html5 if someone has the same problem.

    Sorry to bother you. :O

  12. At the beginning of your upkeep, if your opponents control no creatures, I deal 4 damage to you.

  13. I wondered why you kept attacking with the Siren in game 3. Could your opponent not just have blocked and killed it for free with the Cerberus? Or am I missing something?

    And thanks for some fun contents – you guys aren’t winning any Pro Tours any time soon, but you look good while not doing it. :)

  14. hey not_kezzerdrix
    The siren is flying, so he can’t kill it.

    Also they could have held back when they hit 4 lands, wait for the opponents pre-combat and activated both the -1/-1 ability and force the cerberus to attack. That way it would be a 0/1 doublestrike creature that dies easily to the triton.