LoadingReadyRun Draft #53: Superfriends! (Cube Draft)

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  1. Loved the draft. Normally not a big fan of Cube drafts because, as you said, we all have our personal styles in Cube (BG, Tooth and Nail, big ramp) but this one was great. R2G3: Could not have cast Dimir Charm with Tundra because you wouldn’t have had a black.

  2. Great fun to watch though one thing nagged me immensly:
    When your 3rd round opponent played Capsize with buyback on the bloodgift demon, you could’ve made it go away by using parallax wave, countering the Capsize and making it so you wouldn’t have to pay for the demon again. That way you were free to use your mana on other stuff and most importanly, the Capsize would’ve been gone.

  3. I was really hoping ye had spotted the Parallax Wave play as mentioned above, but was a good fun creation nonetheless.

  4. R2G1 i was crossing my fingers for that celestial flare. Edge of the seat stuff!
    Final game round 3 was poop considering it looked like you could at least beat him on clock with his draw-go-capsize shenanigans. You can 3-0 next time, i know it. ;)

  5. R2G1 – Correct me if I am wrong but I think there was a play where you could’ve Dimir Charmed to kill the Glen Elendra Archmage and then flashed in Stonecloaker in response to the persist trigger. It might not have changed the outcome but it means that you didn’t have to use Domri’s fight ability and have Koth countered. Love the videos though guys, keem ‘em up!

  6. SMH. How can you play Koth in a deck with 1 mountain? All 3 of his abilities are mountain-centric!

  7. I enjoy these series of themed drafts. Hope you guys keep em up. On small note though, P1P2 taking the Koth over the Chandra seemed like a bad pick mainly because if you are planning on taking and picking every Planeswalker you would probably end up 3-4 colors leaving Koth to do just about nothing, which it did. Chandra might have helped hit a land, which this deck could have used 18. Thanks for the vids though, they are a blast.

  8. Trevor: That was the rules of the draft. Play all of the walkers! Domri also likely didn’t have any place in this deck (only green card allowing them to cut one color entirely, very few creatures) but they stuck to it.

    R3G2: Aside from the issues with Capsize (both Rout and Parallax Wave could have been used to deal with it) I felt you played around his counterspells too much. It prevented you from developing your board over multiple turns, instead of just running something into it to draw it out. Fun concept though, and I love me some cube drafts!

  9. The beta and cube…you guys couldnt shame this website more if u tried.

  10. IMO when you are looking at more of a 3+ color deck that is actually one of the only times i would say you should pick them up. The fixing of fetch “name” lands are incredible fixing power with a bad river getting you black blue+ depending on your lands. Might help Koth with finding a mountain to target. Like you guys said, the goal is to just cast as many superheroes as possible!

    Aside from nit-picking It does say “Wacky Draft” and you guys never fail in that category:D Thanks for the content as always!

  11. “Them” as in the tapped fetch lands….normally people start with that but apparently I didn’t…

  12. In R3G2, when he capsized your blood gift demon you should have responded with parallax wave on the demon. That way it would have fizzled the capsize and not go back to his hand. Then you get the demon out after the wave goes away.

  13. Nice draft :) I would like to offer a few points of insight.
    If you had played a 3rd plains instead of the swamp there would not have been nearly as many wishing for plains as you guys did.
    I had hoped you would have picked the Larry Nivin’s disk, as any sweeper that doesn’t hit planeswalkers is awesome in your planeswalker deck.
    Last point, I think the crusible of worlds in combination with a few more fetch lands (even the come into play tapped ones) would have fixed your mana even better.

  14. m1g2, if you had ordered your land drops:

    dragonskull summit -> fetid heath -> plains -> plains

    you could have curved out perfectly (hand -> spectral -> elspeth). The turn 1 plains really made it a bit of a mess.

  15. Game 3, I believe besides parallaxing your demon (which was the easiest way to get the game), you could also have played Koth instead of playing the birds.
    He couldn’t bounce it before you used +1, which meant you had then the demon AND a mountain attacking Jace, Which would at least have put it to 1, avoiding real risks from it. Then either he would have had to spend his whole turn to bounce Koth, or you could have gone on attacking with the mountain the next turns and put (a bit) of pressure.
    With Bolas you would also have had then more freedom to destroy an island instead of jace, preventing him from playing the sundering titan and reducing his possibilities through the shackles.
    Anyway, sad, but it’s how it is and it was enjoyable to watch ^^

  16. Ok, yeah, so there are many sub-optimal picks here. However, I feel like drafts like these are really what I love in Cube video: very high in entertainment value. I mean, how many mono-red drafts to you really want to watch? The bottom line is that this is Cube. It’s not a competitive format and videos are supposed to be entertaining above all else, right?

  17. R3G1, I’m screaming at the screen because you can cast Hand of Honor from the first turn that you draw it, but you don’t seem to realize the way that Fetid Heath works. He’s going to get countered, of course, but your first spell was pretty much doomed to be countered anyway, so you should have played it. Get the spell out of his hand! (Not that it would have mattered much in the end, since you were 5 turns away from your 3rd mana.)

  18. Not sure if this was mentioned or not, as I just scanned through the comments as opposed to reading them in depth but I R2G3 I feel like cracking the fetch for a non basic right away was a poor choice for a couple of reasons. First, it opens you up to getting completely screwed by wasteland (we didn’t see it in the other two games, but something to keep in mind since you couldn’t play anything anyway), and second it thins your deck by one land, which decreases the chances that you’ll draw one. Probably better to save for actually ensuring you had the right colors to cast a spell also than just taking a random guess. Not sure if it would have mattered but maybe technically more correct in the situation.

    That being said, I do have to say I’m a HUGE fan of LRR :) love the drafts and everything you guys do! So much fun to watch! Keep them coming guys, you’re doing a great job!

  19. “7 white sources should be enough for all our WW casting costs” (paraphrased) … facepalm.
    I feel like 8 sources is _bare minimum_ for all those and probably much safer at something like 10 since so many of your early plays depended on it.

  20. The gods of MTGO killed a kitten when, facing a heavy control deck, you used Lilliana to search for a sorry looking Bloodgift demon (gives your opponents a card a turn) instead of +1ing her (removes one of your opponents cards a turn).

    But thanks for the draft!