LoadingReadyRun Draft #9: Rare-Draft

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  1. that was amzing. never expected that to work out so well, it was insanely fun to watch synergies work with a bunch of cards i always avoid.

  2. Honestly M1G2 I would have just not attacked, typed oops accidentally skipped step in the chat, and then played out the awesomeness.

  3. When I ran Primal Surge in a draft, I found out Druids Repository makes it REALLY easy to cast, and I even managed to crack a Howlgeist, Tramplewurm and Soul of the Harvest with it, it was amazing. XD

  4. Ugh, the new client is terrible. They managed to make the presentation even uglier and more convoluted. The update moves the appearance of the software from the late eighties to the mid nineties. It feels like they spent all of their money on Duals, with whatever scraps left over they updated the client.

  5. Malignus’ damage cannot be prevented which is why it swung through Terrifying Presence.

    Very entertaining draft, but I think your deck would have won it all if you could have gotten some better commons to support your strategy.

  6. Malignus has a static ability that say his damage can’t be prevented, so even though the opponent used the terrifying presence Malingus still gets in for damage. Defang would have no effect on Malingus either.

    One major benefit this would have had in your deck is the synergy with your own Presence’s as you could cast the Terrifying Presence on another creature and both it and Malingus would deal damage. Could have been used defensively to kill more attackers also.

  7. This was beyond awesome. Really unlucky actually, to not win round 2, although it was obvious that he was holding Terrifying Presence… otherwise that attack doesn’t make sense.

    I do have one complaint, though. You have put the MTGOA sign in the second worst place you could possible have done. Top left corner means we can’t see your opponents life total as well as hand and library size. Please move that to the right, thank you.

    Congrats on casting Primal Surge draft and keep em coming.

  8. Sorry, about the complaint above… I didn’t read the note on top previously.

  9. Awesome and hilarious to watch! grats on Primal Surge I was excited as you guys to see it resolved.

  10. Great draft, loved round two. It really made me reconsider some cards. Wild defiance, Primal surge, and Malignus are alright with the right deck. They still don’t do well in AVR limited. They are downright poopy in limited, but they definitely CAN do things. I didn’t think that before. Of course they still are pretty weird in most decks.

  11. bloody hilarious and awesome how drafts work out. A good green base makes all the difference. Wild Defiance is really interesting as a 23rd card. Lol’d hard when it 2-0′d him because the opponent can’t read.

  12. After 30 minutes with the new interface I can say confidently that it blows. Nice draft.

  13. R2G2: You guys could have attacked with the ringleader near the beginning, terrifying presenced to stop it from dying and then guised 1 of the Trusted Force Mages, if he didn’t block, you still prevent damage of the crackback. Just initial thoughts when I just saw it. Without watching through to see what happened after passing.

  14. I loved this draft. This was probably one of the most fun drafts and set of games I’ve ever watched. I was literally fist pumping when you resolved Primal Surge.

    Also, Wild Defiance really seems to neuter a few cards out there like pillar of flame and death wave… so yeah… Wild Defiance…

  15. Okay, that was just hilarious. Congratz on finding a funny stupid format that’s actually playable AND awesome. I stood up and did a victory dance after you resolved Primal Surge. Oh the anticipation.

    Also best line ever:

    James: “Nope, we die”
    Graham: “Yeah, but Nnnhh [points on Goldnight Commander] and Gnnhh [points on Thatcher Revolt} and if we’d Grrrr with the Awwww…. Concede?”

  16. Loved it, loads of fun. Lots of things pointed out above that i wont bother repeating. One play i would have liked to see in M3G3 when they bounce your wolfir avenger to kill your pair bear you could flash it straight back in and pair it again. Would have been hilarious.

  17. WOW what the… what is this? Why would you rare-draft when this format has so many bad rares? But rare-draft is a terrible strategy anyway. It’s obvious (or should be obvious) to even the newest players that powerful limited cards aren’t purely mythic>rare>uncommon>common order.

    And you can even see it put you really arbitrarily in 3-4 colours. You passed soo many insane commons. Can’t believe you guys get posted on this website, really.

    Stopped watching after the really trainwreck picks. Builders blessing is UNPLAYABLE. Same for lots of it. But PRIMAL SURGE???? That really takes the cake.

  18. Oraymw: this was not done as a strategy. This was an intentional joke draft. I don’t think anybody is actually advocating rare-draft as an all-in strategy.

  19. Hey, LRR guys. Just wanted to let you know that the “Oraymw” posting in this thread is not the verified oraymw (me, also Matthew Watkins). Apparently someone with a grudge has been posting with my username with the intent of offending people. Just wanted to let you know.

  20. I actually resolved a primal surge in AVR limited draft once. Then, after getting about 8 creatures on board and 3/4 of my land, my meager 2 life got thunderbolted