Looking Ahead in Standard Singleton

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  1. See I had no idea 100CS-Standard was an actual format people played. That’s why articles like this are awesome, because you find out about a whole new world of Magic you hadn’t thought about and immediately see/hear about some decks and what happens.

  2. If you pay attention, standard singleton is only 60 cards :)

    Personally i never gave much attention to this format, but seeing that i own most of the cards already i think i’ll give it a go! thanks, nice article.

  3. Owning most of the cards was a motivator for me, too, along with the chance to play in more Weekend Challenge events. Now that I’m tapped into two of the formats, I can play an event just about every weekend if I want to.

  4. If you like limited, then Standard Singleton is a fun format to get into. Games usually play out somewhere between two grossly powered Sealed decks slugging it out in the X-0 bracket and two Standard decks with very awkward draws (all 1-ofs will do that).

    You also have a good excuse to play cards that are usually not deemed Standard playable (like Sphinx of Magosi) to great effect. It makes deck building much more intimate (which is what any self-respecting Magic player wants… intimacy with digital cardboard)!

    If you’re interested, look at the Decks of the Week archives on dailymtg.com. They area great resource if you want to digest the current metagame (and see examples of the format’s standouts).

  5. When they announced Standard Singleton, I knew I would love it because I made all my PTQ decks one year completely singleton, even nearly top8′ing one!

  6. Yeah I think standard singleton only requires a 60 card maindeck. So how would you change the UG deck to accommodate for that?