Magic: The Gathering – Tactics Preview Coming Up

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  1. The Final Fantasy Tactics series has always been a very challenging and entertaining series of games. I have played through each one over and over again and enjoyed every minute of it. I attempted to try Heroes of Might and Magic V and it was mildly amusing for about 2 hours. Then it got quite boring and the glitches got to the point where I gave up the game and have no interest in trying any other game in that series. So when I hear that MTG: Tactics is like both of them I am a little confused. If it’s like Heroes, I’ll probably pass. If it’s anything like Final Fantasy Tactics I’m probably going to end up being a die-hard fan of it. Unfortunetly, from what little I know about it, it looks more like Heroes. Still, I would like to know more of the details around gameplay, here are my questions.

    How are turns handled? Do you move all of your pieces at once or is there something like an Active Time Clock that determines how units take their turns.

    Are Units customizeable or is all the customization in your planeswalker and deck construction?

    How is character/planeswalker growth handled? How is it balanced with one-on-one play?

    How do you win a match?

  2. My initial gut reaction is to ponder why I’d be playing and paying money by the pack to play this game over just firing up MTGO and actually PLAYING MTG. Not to say that I don’t enjoy 3-D images, but perhaps I’m not the target audience for this game either…. that said…

    If they’re going for the “tactics” of FF: Tactics, etc. then they’ll need to not only incorporate the pokemon-esque style of gameplay battling it out against other walkers, but actually have an involved storyline and overall goal to accomplish (I’d be much more interested in a God of War type game set in the Magic Multiverse).

    On customization- having a huge inventory was crucial to these sorts of Tactics games- not only did each unit level up on a specific track that you wanted them to fulfill (monk, knight, paladin, thief, summoner, etc.), but their weapons and armor could be broken, stolen, and sold. Different items were harder to find, and only available from specific enemies. So from a gameplay aspect, your planeswalker character should at least be able to

    1. Be on a specific trajectory of experience (Liliana wouldn’t be capable of specific things (like counter spells) that Jace could do). Color Pie wheels still apply. This could apply to a specific level of spells that they’d be able to learn.

    2. However, with those spells it’d be neat if you had to actually find the various parts of a spell to use it, or find a scroll of text that tells a Planeswalker how to form a black lotus card for their library of spells,etc.

    3. Be able to have different weapons and armor. Also possible for the creatures they summon (or the armies they create).

    As for questions, I suppose it would be if the game actually has an overarching goal- like defeating the Eldrazi, or some other mechanism or quest that you’re trying to achieve so you can actually complete the game. Not just more one on one battles with no real reason or difference between that and actual MTG- where you’re playing for tournament prizes,etc.

  3. Also…. will there be a function where you can travel to different planes? What plane will this game be set?

  4. Thanks guys. To anyone else interested- I will be able to ask questions tomorrow (Dec. 2), so anyone else should speak up before then!


  5. Interesting to see that Wizards of the Coast and Sony Entertainment have really pushed the collaboration to leverage the Magic: The Gathering brand to a diverse audience.

  6. Apparently I should acquire Final Fantasy Tactics? I used to play Heroes of Might & Magic for quite a few hours… I haven’t played 5, but I had #2/3/4. They admittedly get old after a while, but they’re really fun for what they’re worth. I could see myself wasting a few summer days on this game if it’s good. Even though it’s a different thing altogether, this brings to mind the two weeks in college when I discovered the Shandalar game and basically didn’t do anything else besides class and sleep and Shandalar.

  7. FF Tactics is pretty amazing- If you can get the PS1 version that’s awesome, otherwise the gameboy advance versions are very similar.