1. Nice! I just bought the Exiler on MTGO and this article helped explain the intricacies of the deck. Thanks a lot!!

  2. Tthanks a lot for the article!! couldn’t find out how the mangara-karakas worked online but now i know.
    Thank you!!

  3. I think this is exactly the type of detailed article about a single deck that many of us crave. I love the discussion of each matchup with sideboarding strategies. Going over many potential cards and cards that don’t make the cut is also great. It takes a legitimate expert to write something like this – amazing article.

    If anybody else is out there thinking that they could write this type of an article for some other archetype (in any format), I hope they step forward! This is my idea of great content.

  4. Amazing article I have been thinking of picking up exiler from the mtgo store. Now with all this juicy info I cannot resist, early xmas gift to me! Thanks and fantastic research and details.

  5. Thanks for all the great feedback so far. I just love watching other players play this deck online and seeing players reproducing my results. This article is no way conclusive so feel free to ask any questions.

    @Zimbardo: I included a section on cards that should be in or out of the deck because of the quick shifts in the metagame online. The sideboard choices for mono-white are wide because white is a support color. Kataki for instance was on my out list up until SoM was released. Samurai of the Pale Curtain was in the deck up until 2 years ago but could fit back into the sideboard again.

  6. Nice article bud! It’s good to see another Legacy writer give their reasoning for decks and card choice, and besides I don’t think there is any better DnT player than you to write an article on the deck. I really like the matchup section of your article. That takes a lot of time, and I wish I had the patience to add that into each of my articles. Keep up the good work man hope to see some more stuff from you.

  7. nice article blaze, maybe your next one you can show the death n tax with green for classic if people are interested

  8. Great work! This is the kind of detailed analysis that shows the effort that went into the article. I am sure people will use this as reference for a long time to come.

  9. Awesome article, i’ve seen soooo much D&T played in legacy, but never actually picked it up. I might have to now :)