M:tG Cribbs #51: Mono U/r Devotion in Standard

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  1. Why don’t you record some of the bigger events like dailies or 8 man queues?
    Those should be really fun to watch.

    Cool stuff otherwise.

  2. Have we stopped using the intro or did we just forget it? Doesn’t really matter one way or the other I just found it odd.

    Anyway, great content as usual. Would you consider this a more viable deck once Shivan reef comes into the format?

    Also I’m just curious as to why you would side out the familiar instead of the raptor. I admit I’m not exactly familiar with this deck but I’d think the familiar would be better late game simply because you don’t have to set up evolve and can possibly be useful for the threat of the counter ability being used.

  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I did take your advice, first commentator, and my next videos are of some 8 man ques that I joined. I think it might be better after Shivan Reef is legal. Replacing the Temples with them seems worth a try, being that you don’t really want any tap lands in the deck. I usually board Familiar over Raptor because, while it is worse in the late game, a turn one Raptor can easily get out of hand and steal games by itself. And a late game Familiar isn’t good either.