MtG Cribbs #6: Jund in a Standard DE

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  1. Been watching your videos since you started making them and they just keep getting better! Thanks for the great content.

    As a quick question, I’ve been playing around with your old Bant Lifegain list and I was wondering how much of an affect you think Skullcrack will have on it. I’ve felt that playing against mono-red there was a crucial turn in which I started gaining life and the game turned in my favor, so I was just curious on your thoughts about how the deck will cope if they manage to get you with it.

    Anyhow, thanks for the content, and I might try this Jund deck out, looks pretty sweet :)

  2. Thank you DrBird, I’m glad you like my videos! As for the life gain deck, I still think it is good. Most red decks only play 2-3 Skullcracks in the board. As long as you don’t go to too low of life, one Skullcrack shouldn’t be enough to stop the deck as long as you have 2-3 life gain spells in you’re hand.

  3. You had some subpar plays over the tournament. Against zombies there were a few plays that you could have done differently but one jumps out as giving up 2 free life when you didn’t double block the messenger with 2 nighthawks.

    And having played jund for such a long time: how can you not side in all 4 deathrite shamans? They are insane! I don’t play barter in blood because I think they don’t make sense in a deck that wants to play creatures but if you do have it it’s fine against monored. However liliana is really bad, clearly way worse than shaman and even olivia.

    On the other hand I liked how you talked. Your speech flows well and you speak clearly unlike some other people who have a lot to improve in that area. So you have to think through your plays more and reanalyze your sb strategy but the making a good video part is already there.

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