M:tG Cribbs #63: Jeskai Tempo in Standard 2-Mans

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  1. @Crabbs42

    1. Good on ya for taking down the PTQQ!

    2. Do you plan on playing any Naya deck next time in preparation for Christmas season?

    3. Do you feel a black based aggro strategy is viable in standard?

  2. I liked the seeker play in match 3 where you forced him to “chump” or take excessive amounts of damage.

    Also, grats on the PTQQ. Seems like this deck outpaces Jeskai Ascendancy. Does it have any really bad matchups?

  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback!
    To Dan, I’ll see if I can work a Christmas theme deck for my next videos. I do like giving out the Naya beats. As for Mono Black Agro, I was working on a list with lots of discard spells and Sign in Bloods to fuel Treasure Cruises. But with Jeskai Tokens beings popular right now, the deck just doesn’t match up well against Raise the Alarm and Hordeling Outburst.
    As for the decks match ups, I had the hardest time vs the very aggressive decks, such as Mono Red and Boros. The only other thing is that sometimes the mana base doesn’t give you the right lands at the right time. But that is true for most non green decks in this format.

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