1. I greatly appreciate the screens you posted with the article. I’m getting excited for this game after reading your post. After listening to Monday Night Magic and reading a few other reviews I wasn’t really sold. Your post actually answered many of the questions I had and the game sounds excellent.

    I’m excited to try this game. If SOE did a good enough job I might even reactivate some of my other old SOE accounts to use my Station Cash

  2. Hello Chris,

    nice report. I have a much better picture of the product now and wish I had found the time to fly to Denver myself (hehe). It seems to be a very nice game for someone who enjoys tactical games and loves to have a well know universe as background. I will recommend it to a few friends with Playstations and give it a try.

  3. @acp (and anyone interested): If you have anymore questions, I will try my best to field them. I tried to include as mush data as possible, but I am sure i forgot something!

    @Plejades: The PS3 version will come out after the computer version. :)

  4. @Chris: No big deal; I am sure that it will follow soon enough. How was the balancing during your test? Any color that seemed overpowered?

  5. @StewardUlk: There was no “normal” trade option in the Beta demonstrated. Personally, I hope to see such a option implemented sooner than later (but in conjunction with the auction house). This topic was definitely discussed during the feedback session with SOE developers.

  6. I’m not sure this will be worthy of sucking up hard-earned cash alongside MTGO, though if there was a way to turn tix into Gold I’d probably get into it. Thanks for the early look.

  7. Excellent review sir! It was amazing getting together so many of us to enjoy the game! I hope that one day we can put the group together online and beat up on another in another couple of tournaments.

  8. @juggernaut1002 shouldn’t be any way to cross MTGO tix over to MTGT currency considering they are run by seperate companies. SOE is licensing the MTG brand for this product but it is still a SOE product and not a Hasbro Product.

    No direct trading is fine. How often do people really trade in MTGO. The way cards/spells work it seems you unlock them for your account and pick up multiples via Auction or directly buying them from SOE. I do see how direct trading would be good if you have multiple accounts but that seems a hedge case. Easy solution – Private Auctions. Some way where only player X can buy the item, or only players in your clan/guild (if that is an eventual feature)

    I’m hoping they actually get this product out this winter as they keep saying they will. I’m doubting it though considering how the original launch date was supposed to be spring 2010.

  9. @ACP: from what I can tell, you may only purchase promo spells form the SOE store. Could be inaccurate, but I think that the majority of cards only come out of boosters.

    @John: Thanks. I look forward to getting some more game play in- period! If I got to beat up on you or one of the others.. that would just be be an extra bonus :)

  10. Very nice article.

    I think that Sony failed when copied MTGO payment system into MTGT.
    MTGO is the most expensive online game (just compare your average spendings on MTGO to monthly payments for WOW=15$, EVE Online=20$, StarCraft II =4$) and MTGT want to follow the same path.

    If MTGT audience is MTG players (paper + online) then i suppose it will not draw significant attention.

  11. I encountered numerous hack attempts and 6 of one card without cloning, unsummoning/resummoning or any other way when the limit is 4. I’ve encounterd crashes to desktop and complete computer crashes caused by a virus I identified, proved and sent in to the proper officials. Crashes occur about 5 every 30 minutes and will cost you duels, which most cost money to play. They did nothing but respond with sarcasm. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

  12. Turned out to be one of the best games ever in the end. Wish someone would host a server emu so we could still play.