Phormat Physics – Pauper UR TronPost

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  1. Lol- I wanted to try a different deck instead of GW and went with Burn and once I knew you were playing UR I was gona lose. In that 2nd game I was one land short of burning you out which sucked. Glimmerposts are soooo good against Aggro. BTW- I was Burn w/ Marauders as my only goblin.
    Funny because right after I played you I played UW which was also a wash. I may as well just play Gobos already.
    Surprising you beat Ranging Flump.

  2. Their is a picture on the back of the cards. I heard that colors that are close work the best together.
    Blue works well with white and black. black works with red and blue. Red works well withgreen and black. green goes well with white and red, and white goes well with green and blue.

  3. Obviously you made that sarcastic comment because you’re surprised that a new player would visit a site called MTGO Academy.

  4. noah

    i know you to be a much much more solid player so its very disappointing to see you tilt away a top 8

  5. @zjay-123: while it’s true that the back of the cards do have some strategic advice, enemy color decks, single color decks, even 4 or 5 color decks can all work.
    @james mink: be nice to the new guy!
    @cj: yeah, i have a problem with that. hopefully my next article i won’t do something like that

  6. I have to ask, why flame slashes over bolts? Just for the Affinity matchup, to kill Carapice forgers and Myr Enforcers?

    Otherwise, sick deck!

  7. @in3d: that, and also for Errant Ephemeron and Spire Golem from MUC. there aren’t very many 3 toughness creatures in the format, so you really only want bolt for cheap+instant speed. otherwise, firebolt, flame slash, and staggershock cover pretty much everything
    @james mink: i did at first too. no worries :D

  8. I love my casual Capsize Cloudpost deck in pauper and big mana decks in general, but I find playing against any control deck is just an excercise in futility.

    How does this deck cope with opponents that know your deck and make sure to save a counter or two for these 4 cards (3x Rolling Thunder, 1x Ulamog’s Crusher)?

  9. @zage: cloudpost should dominate any control deck. the critical thing here is mana advantage. you will have more mana available after you cast a finisher than your opponent does, and because of this, you can counter more spells than they can. protecting your finisher

  10. @Noah: But it’s likely they have more counters in their decks than you do. Also your finisher costs (lots of) mana, they don’t need to pay mana for it. So you have a counter war where you start with more mana but also have to invest into the game-winning threat. Especially in the case of Rolling Thunder, that’s going to be an enormous drain on your ‘more mana than the opponent’.
    From the matches I’ve played against MUC with my Cloudpost decks, if they’re good and don’t waste their counters I don’t really have a shot because cloudpost is such a threat-light deck.

    I’m sure you’ve had much more experience with the deck at actual tournaments though (I have none :p), so I’m just trying to learn. Because as I said earlier, I love big mana decks and it would be great to find a brew that really works. I’m just not sold on it’s effectiveness yet.

    Oh I forgot to mention I did like the decklist + explanation and the tournament report. Nice and concise.

  11. @zage: dissenting opinions are never bad :)

    specifically against mono Blue i feel you should always have more counters. while they have more counterspells in their deck, with Mystical Teachings and Oona’s Grace you should always have more in hand. i’ve also never had trouble with paying enough mana for my finisher. i’ll usually cast it around turn 15, with 5 posts out, leaving me able to thunder for 20 and still have 6-8 mana for counterspells.

  12. Sounds like I need to just go ahead and test your list. Thanks for the information :D

    Oh and good first article, keep it up! Pauper articles ftw!

  13. I like the deck a bit. Only thing i don’t like is maindeck Flame Slash. There are better options. Sure they kill a lot of different threats but they don’t take advantage of the mana engine. I know the mana can come out slow at times but options like Wall of Tanglecord can solve that. It just seems like the potentially least preforming card in the list. I’d probably want a second capsize because capsize lock is always a viable win condition.