Playing the Unplayable: M15 Free Prerelease Sealed

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  1. Good content, one of the first set of M15 videos I’ve seen. You played reasonably well, which is something that often determines how much I enjoy this type of content. – Marshall Sutcliffe being the only exception (terrible at magic, still entertaining). I hope you produce more limited videos!

  2. Seen the formula (no one seems to want to do that actual math), but someone says 4 or 5 counters on the grindclock actually results in the same number of turns to mill them out!

    I probably wouldn’t play grindclock unless i could also play a very controlling blue with at least a few of the other mill spells – even then questionable!

    This one is not as good as the mill artifact from m14 – the one you pumped mana into!