1. Just want to mention that playing the unplayable is probably my favorite series on MTGO Academy and I hope to see more videos like this

  2. I must respectfully disagree. Three of your five video links at the time of this post were for niche (to be kind) formats (Pauper, Classic) and there are zero videos for Standard. I’m not trying to state which format is better, I’m talking simple arithmetic. Standard is the most-played format so if would seem to follow that a site should consider having content proportional to it’s anticipated audience.

    Again, I’m trying to be respectful, but plainly said, if it weren’t for Marshall’s videos (and to a lesser extent Simon’s), I wouldn’t even think of visiting this site.

    (Yes, I filled out a survey.)

    Just one visitor’s opinion.

  3. There are dozens of sites with standard videos, why would You want more of those if You could instead watch entertaining games of some interesting format.

  4. Like everyone who isn’t Macray was saying – there is basically an unlimited amount of Standard video out there (and in fairness, even the top tier of Standard footage is going to be boring) while more niche formats even even nicher (to put it nicely) decks are less common.

    In short, we approve this broadcast..

  5. To echo everyone else’s comments, I really dislike standard and am really happy to have non-Type2 videos. Thank you for being the source of Limited and Eternal formats!

  6. Haven’t seen all of the videos yet, but had to say that your commentary during the matches is very entertaining. Really enjoying the humor and intensity :P Great job!

  7. Jason Moore must be a fan of the “What’s happening?”

    I’m so glad to hear them again.

    Don’t want to see Standard videos, either!

  8. I feel like the RG deck’s focus is split; it could be more focused towards Splice card advantage/recursion stuff, or it could be more focused on the Blademane Baku combo-ish kill. The Blademane path seems so much cooler to me, and if that’s the path you want to travel I think you definitely need more Shinen-anigans. That card just seems so necessary if you ever want to connect with Blademane Baku. Kami of Fire’s Roar could do a similar job clearing the way. Glitterfang is a cute way to reliably put counters on the Baku, too.

    A more Baku-focused build would have to sacrifice some of the impressive splice/Hana Kami stuff, which is probably the more powerful card module, but that’s okay: Hana Kami is actually fairly well-known and powerful, whereas killing people with Blademane Baku is totally unexpected and highly improbable.

  9. This is my first time watching your videos and I only did it because it said pauper on the title. I enjoyed watching them!
    If you’d accept suggestions, here’s a challenge for you: build a classic pauper Vent Sentinel deck!

  10. What an interesting angle/article! I think the Spirit G/B deck could just be black, using cards like “Beckon Apparition” for Fae tricks and/or esper graveyard shenanigans…a search for black spirits gives plenty. (I was about to link a ton of valid inclusions…but then I remembered the focus of this article) – again, good stuff! I’m a fan of more writing and less video’s personally.