Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze Tournament Report: 50th

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  1. Do not play on the pro tour. It should be boycotted due to its awful prize structure.

  2. Congratulations on your performance, 50th is very solid, also 7-3 in constructed is great and 63% win in constructed on the pt is something to be proud of. Good luck in the future, I will be sure to follow your name on the pt.

    Also, how come dryad militant gets no love? Easy to cast, one mana 2/1, and has a relevant ability. I was glad to see you bring her up for discussion.

  3. I followed you during coverage, it was pretty rough to see you fall short in day 2 after that excellent start. Still, glad our deck performed well. Hope things are going well in Nashville, Michigan (Shitigan?) sends greetings, lol.

  4. This was a great article. I enjoyed reading about your experiences. I think teams can be helpful, but it’s rare to actually be on a good team. I agree that if your team is not good, and you’re a bright person (which you clearly are), you can often do much better using your own brain rather than using the one deduced by a committee full of morons. Thank you for writing your post.