Quiet Speculation: Extended, Lorwyn and Shadowmoor Block

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  1. I already bought and sold my set of Ranger Of Eos for a little over double I bought them for when you wrote the last article. I think Cloudthresher is kind of depending on Faeries to make it if its to go up in price since thats the main flier deck out there that I know of.

  2. In his last article he said he normally prefers to offload cards when you meet your target price of the card which he set his to 100% or double what you bought it for. So that kind of depends on how much you spent on it as to when to offload it.

  3. Most Sygg’s have already mysteriously disappeared from market since yesterday. I wonder where they went ? :)

  4. I was looking for Sygg’s yesterday lol… I couldn’t find any either
    and this article is definitively useful.

  5. Yeah, scooped up some Sygg’s (if for nothing than to put them in a deck for myself). Great tips!

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