1. I agree with just about all your predictions and speculations. Especially Sarkhan the Mad as I’ve said before on the Creepcast. I think your completely right about Momentous Fall and Mul Daya Channelers becoming more relevant post rotation – but i could see Vengevine becoming less, as it will lose BBE and Ranger (then again Skyfisher and Seagate Oracle help).

    Interesting stuff – love your opinions as always and CONGRATS on making day 2!!!

  2. Rather than keep repeating yourself and struggling to find clever things to say, you should just make a list of the obvious bulk rares and say “here are bulk rares, I don’t need to explain why”.

  3. While I’m at it, you REALLY shoudn’t use the “$” symbol when talking about tickets. It’s horribly confusing. I spent half the article thinking, “Where is this lunatic getting his prices from?” until I realized you mean Nirkana Revenant was 1 ticket and not 1 dollar.

  4. Incidentally, I don’t think I’ve ever lost a draft in which I had Magmaw. The card is unreal.

    Thought Gorger was really good when I played with him (3-0′d that draft), but narcolepsy is really awkward. The thing is in a tempo-based B/x deck you will often draw a ton of extra lands and you can just pitch those to get a large creature with evasion. What’s more is B also has cadaver imp so you’re going to get extra value out of the card. It can also turn on Surreal Memoir or Mnemonic wall on splashes, although those cards usually don’t need help.

    Splinter Twin + Mnemonic Wall is almost unbeatable. I can see it being pretty good with Emrakul’s hatcher too, if your deck has something to do with the tokens .

    Recurring insight is probably better than you’re giving it credit for. U/G I think can make good use of it, slam one down on T4 with some sick acceleration and overwhelm your opponents. It’s not easy to use but that’s why it’s not a common.

    Side note on Renegade doppelganger: maybe copy an opponent’s Emrakul to kill it. It’s Legendary…

    Afaik the best copy target is Dormant Gomazoa, but that means you’re playing Dormant Gomazoa…

  5. MH seems a little unnecessarily anal. Sure, valid criticism, but not the most polite way of delivering it.

    I really appreciate your write-ups and insight. Thank you!

  6. I snagged a playset of Linvala on mtgo before her price went up.
    The price didn’t go up that high, at least not yet. It seems to have leveled off after the initial rush to buy them.

    All the people who overhyped Momentous Fall are certainly eating their words now I bet. Yes, it is a fine card, but people were hyping to hilarious heights.

  7. I have been playing Tutuk the Explorer in my red/black vampire deck and it is load’s of fun, combo this with Pawn of Ulamog and you have all kinds of fun.

  8. Zoness keep in mind that doppleganger only copies creautrs that come into play on your side so what you suggest doesnt works else that’d be a neat idea :(

  9. A few things. First off, could you provide a link to part one? I can’t find it and was wanting to reread it alongside part 2.

    Secondly, I have a slightly higher opinion of Tajuru Preserver. Sure, Vampires is an underdog at the moment so Gatekeeper isn’t such a constant worry, but at my local FNM there are tons of Vampires decks still, and a turn 2 Preserver sometimes throws all their plans out of joint. Now they have to burn a Smother on it, taking a tempo hit on the 1 mana they can’t find a way to spend, and by the time their Gatekeeper comes down my Treespeaker has cranked out 2-3 more guys and it’s too late for Gatekeeper to stall me out the way it likes to.

    It’s also rather a sick card to stick against creatures with Annihilator. Depending on the presence of “make Eldrazi and smash” decks and Vampires in your meta, I can see boarding some Preservers when running Elves.

    I also strongly agree with you about Momentous Fall. This is a card that screams “combo engine” to me. It’s a bit expensive mana-wise but this is the sort of thing that you would expect to see in some sort of “dig through your own library for a certain card and then win” combo deck. Cards like this kickstart the combo engine when it has sputtered out. It all depends on what returns in Scars. If we see a return of Modular this card could skyrocket. :) (but all the same, I’m praying to all that’s holy that Modular is never reprinted.)

    As for Realms Uncharted: I am grabbing every copy I can find, along with stockpiling Tectonic Edges (I’m up to about 30). Why? It came to me in a dream: I think Crucible is coming back in Scars. It fits the theme and concept, and it breaks the HELL out of Landfall. It would be a perfect fit, probably as a Mythic in Scars. Who agrees / disagrees with my guess?