Quiet Speculation: The Importance of Playing Tight

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  1. A good ‘life’ article, although, containing very little to do with magic for a magic related website.

    It was a good read to wake up to, and now I feel like I can apply your lessons to a hard days work. I will try my hardest to offset talent with hardwork and beat the pack. So thanks =D

  2. I like the article and can relate.

    In terms of magic, I believe myself to be a tight player, and I love to think about things (so I really like control and combo decks), however I noticed that I make lots of little mistakes on MTGO (which i started about 2 months ago) that I would almost assuredly not make in real life. I wonder if it is because I am not used to the new formats that I play (all for fun not tournaments) or just because I am not as used to playing on MTGO yet.

  3. SaiDes –

    Magic is not its own game with its own rules. Most of what you learn in Magic can be more broadly applied to life, and vice versa. Sometimes you need to step beyond the cardboard and learn how to build a life that is supportive of your gaming.

    Aznsilly –

    You will make more mistakes on mTGO because you’re new to the interface. it presents the info differently, but it is more likely that you are actually noticing more mistakes because MTGO makes you play tightly due to perfect rules enforcement.

  4. I have traded cards from one bot to the other just to get a small amount of credit so I could buy a couple of commons ‘for free’ for my pauper decks. I guess that’s a form of min-maxing. Not in real life, though =/

  5. Yeah I hadn’t thought about that. The perfect rules enforcement is great, and sometimes teaches me how cards actually interact with each other (especially in the case of confusing cards like eye of the storm vs krosan grip etc).