100%: Rec-Sur DeckTech

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  1. Hello SomeGuy,

    making all our videos downloadable would unfortunately by far exceed our upload and download limit we currently have (the videos are hosted on a third party provider). We might offer that option at some point but currently video downloads are not available.

  2. In hindsight, I would recommend considering Faerie Macabre over Tormods Crypt. For obvious reasons, a creature with the ability to munch cards in the yard while winding up there itself seems quite in flavor for the deck. Though it’s not potentially as many, it’s useful against the Rec-Zur decks packing Glen Elendra Archmage in their Blue suite.

  3. I haven’t given up, the PEs have just been at bad times the last couple weeks. I’ll be back, getting in there with elves this weekend most likely.

  4. Good to hear, and the best of luck to you, my friend. There’s some debate about elves in Kool’s last article. Did you mean to post there? I can’t remember if I even mentioned elves or not.

  5. Just finished watching, yeah you gave a shout out to Bry to keep going at it with Elves.

    Great video.

    Wretch has been pretty good too for me in testing also as you have many more ways of tutoring for Withered Wretch or Loaming Shaman than Tormods Crypt. Obviously Faerie Macabre can be tutored the same as the other two as well.

    I keep going back and forth between Sword of Fire and Ice and Lightning Greaves in this deck. We’ve talked and I am normally on your side about Greaves especially in very aggressive decks where Sword just eats up too much mana, but I have won a number of games by tutoring up SoFI against blue decks more than red oddly enough. Also this deck is capable of hitting a decent amount of mana to use SoFI and has a lot of little elf guys that can use the boost from the Sword.

    I was pretty surprised to see Doran missing from your list. Doran, the Siege Tower is just nuts vs RDW or Gobs. Not only is he huge and cheap but shuts off so many of their cards like Ball Lightning, Blistering Firecat, Goblin Piledriver, etc, and on top of that makes your walls better vs them. Plus he is a great threat vs control. I’m rarely disappointed to draw Doran. I guess I am running Doran in the place of call, so I lose the synergy with the grave but just really like the pluses offered by Doran.

    Nice in depth video though.

  6. Ah. Apologies, Bry! Now I remember. I must admit that I just sort of strapped on my helmet, said “uh” one thousand times, and hoped for the best. May the pointy-eared hordes bring you much blood and Rath Cycle packs in 2010, my friend.

    To plat: Yeah, agreed, SoFI is just crazy when it works. It’s just those times that it doesn’t that’s the big turn off for me. Greaves never feels like a let down in a format jam-packed with removal (some of which is obviously Red so…). My longstanding theory on deck construction is composite synergy, not the “good cards in these colors make the cut.” I tried Doran initially, but found that I wanted something that did a bit more. If I was to play a dork, yes, I’d rather it be Call of the Herd (two dorks). Purely a judgment call. I think I mentioned that there was a few cards you could probably opt out: Wall of Blossoms being suspect one (hate this card).

    Also, if you look at the curve, there’s just soooooooo many three-drops. It worked out this time, but obviously with only a single showing it’s hard to say whether this was in fact the right call. Good point though.

    DOWN WITH SoFI!!!!

  7. Good stuff – did you save any of your match replays? I know I have suggested that people try there best to use “live” video whenever possible, but a replay is better than nothing. If you had any particularly interesting matches en route to your PE win I would be interested in checking them out.

  8. Thanks, RoninX! Unfortunately, I do not have any playbacks- though I wish I did. ChrisKool can attest, as he sat side-by-side with me like some gaunt conjoined twin, that my matches were quite entertaining. I made this comment on the day (and I mean no disrespect to my opponent’s): “I felt like I was playing a Constructed deck vs. Sealed all day.” Wish I had something to share other than “ya shoulda been there…” Sorry, my friend.

  9. Too bad. As I work my way into 100CS, GWB was a natural draw (as a long time Rock/Junk enthusiast). My current version is more of a Rock build, aggro + disruption + armageddon effects will always be good times, but the Rec-Sur decks look like a blast.

    It seems like the arrival of Survival on the scene has produced a definite shift in the meta, you mentioned a couple of times that you played 2 control (presumably base blue) matchups, and it sounded like you played at least two “mirrors” (were both GBwu though?) What about combo? Did you notice anyone playing Ideal or Belcher?

  10. To date, I only know of one person who has attempted to play Ideal. I briefly tinkered with it and it felt a lot like the Prison deck: a bat-belt style Combo deck replete with weird and often bad draws. Perhaps it is an endeavor worth undertaking, but it hits too many of my “no” buttons for this format. With regard to Belcher… I didn’t play any Belcher matchups this time around the bend. Typically, I find this to be an easier match, like RDW or Gobbos; I feel like I slip into some sort of scar tissue armor and win by virtue of prior experience.

    Also, I played THREE “mirrors” in fact (two Rec-Zur and one Body Double/Bile Urchin/Reveillark combo). The maindeck Shred Memory was clutch. I will say though, I was pretty lucky with my opening draws; I seemingly had Dirty Jesus or Survival every game.

    I have been playing this build (with a few minor edits to the SB) in 2mans since arriving back home post-New Years and have lost like two matches in maybe twelve. It’s definitely a powerful deck, and the fact that it can just straight beat the crap out of you if it fails to hit the synergy is a nice failsafe.

  11. I think I played a few matches vs. platipus10 (I think) who had Ideal in a control shell featuring walkers – that seemed very effective vs. my GWB build. Humility is just a beating vs. decks that rely heavily (though not exclusively) on utility creatures – and I just could seem to draw or force through non-creature answers to enchantments. If Rec-Sur becomes a major component of the meta then I could easily see a control/combo shell build that can tutor for such effective hate in the main deck starting to play a more significant role.

    I also just played against a combo version that was also running cascade -> hypergenesis along side the Ideal combo. I only got to play vs. that deck once, so maybe there were some god draws involved but I got comboed out on turn 5 vs. the “Ideal” hand and on turn 4 vs. the hypergenesis hand. Now, combo always looks invincible when it works and terrible when it doesn’t but I was intrigued.

    …of course I’m still just getting my feet wet in this format, so take those thoughts for what they are worth.

  12. Yeah, Combo is an odd one. If I were to play Combo, I’d go with Belcher. Painter/Stone has Blessing as a foil that pretty much any player can pack, as well as being creature based, making is dually vulnerable to disruption.

    I think Rec-Sur is dang solid, and can be taken a number of ways (none of which require Blue, I might add). Not long ago I was quoted as saying Naya had the best averages in the format (if built right). I am beginning to wonder if Rec-Sur may have stolen that illustrious moniker in these last few weeks.