Revisiting 100 Card Elves

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  1. What about masked admirers as a source of CA on a 3/2 body?
    Glare of subdual seems like it would be good, especially against decks that rely on a few big guys to swing and win

  2. Hey mate!

    I had Masked Admirers originally, but I cut it in an attempt to add more threats (the Wolfbriar Elemental replaced it, I believe). I really like the recursive potential, though. Maybe it would fit better than Chameleon Colossus (who is just a huge “elvish” dork, mostly). I should test it out some- card advantage is king!

    Glare of Subdual would probably be in the mess that is this deck’s sideboard if I were to play it. It is pretty good at stalling versus the midrange decks (and gains value if you bring in Enlightened Tutor). The midrange match-up is not scary, though. If the card was more like Opposition, it’d definitely make the cut.

  3. Nice article, and congratulations on that finish!

    For what it’s worth, my Rec-Sur deck (nearly identical to the one Travis ran) also lost 0-2 to a different elves deck. They came out of nowhere for a quick Mirror Entity win in both games. I think Elves is a scary matchup.

  4. Splendid summary of a powerful deck. Elves is always a potent deck and with the right splashes a lot of the traditional weakness can be resolved (reach, permission, etc.).
    Congrats on the top finish and good luck next time! :-)

  5. Chris is horrible person, a liar, and a secret collaborator with Saruman the White. He uses a Yorkie to mask his true intentions, and references a grandmother that never even existed. If you like elves, you must all like lies, also.

    Miss you, little buddy.

  6. Yeah enlighten tutor helps, maybe glittering wish would work and also allow for some sideboard bullets like dauntless escort?

    You are splashing blue already, opposition would be sweet if you could cast it consistently

  7. Even if i am a little late, i just wanted to say some things:
    - Splashing blue but not playing Wargate seems like a big mistake.
    - Elvish Harbinger was always to slow for me.
    - No Staff of Domination?
    - You want Overrun? Try Kamahl, you got better tutors for him.
    - Why play cards that don’t support the plan like Goyf?
    - If you splash black, i would maindeck Mindtwist.
    - Cards that did never impress me or were to slow: 2 Swords of, Sensei’s Top, Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers, Wren’s Run Vanquisher.

    That’s some first-glance ideas that came to my mind reading your nice article.

    I know my version of the deck, recently made top4 with it, is not perfect, but i am missing some cards because of insufficent tix. ;)

    Oh, and thx for the nice games in the quarter-finals. :D

  8. I’m fairly new to 100cs, but this doesn’t really strike me as an elf deck, but more of a mostly-green-deck with a bunch of elves in it. So far, I’ve built only 1 100cs deck, and I started with Elves for my first deck. I was curious what other people were doing, and I found this when I googled. I’m playing an extreme aggro deck, and while I can understand wanting some answers to your opponents threats, the posted deck seems a strange mish-mosh of stuff. In most Elf decks that I’m familiar with, the power comes from the tribal synergies, so I’m not sure why a deck where 38% of the creatures aren’t elves and none of the spells are tribal elf spells is listed as an “elf” deck. I suppose the motivation is to matchup better vs control decks by having more bombs? Anyway, I’m curious to see what people are doing with elfier elf decks.