Rhythmik Study: All Roads Lead to Washington, Part 2

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  1. Love the choice for the graphic at the top of the article, Travis.

    Thanks for making my articles just that much more awesome.

  2. Congrats on the win. I’m suprised there wasn’t more U/W in the field, or did it all lose/draw earlier? Do you think the Time Seive deck actually stands a chance vs you?

  3. I mostly just got lucky with my Matchups. My buddy Shaheen Soorani was playing UW counterspell control and got beat in the Quarterfinals by Time Sieve, and Calosso Fuentes was playing Super Friends and lost in the Semi-finals to Naya. Having to play against combo and aggro all day was mostly a stroke of luck more than it was a representation of the field.

    The person playing Time Sieve said he played against Mythic for 5 of the 6 rounds of Swiss he actually played, and I was the only person who beat him. (Though I did beat him twice). I don’t think his iteration of Time Sieve was a good Matchup for him so much as I think he was playing against sub-par players. However, if he had put Executioner’s Capsules in the sideboard, it would definitely be a tougher win, unless I get all my Dauntless Escorts against him, which I kind of did, anyway.

  4. Congrats man! I was looking forward to an epic tale of grinding, but this will do :) Next step is to break the Pro Tour.

  5. Yeah. Totally didn’t think I’d get Q’d on my first try. Well, at least my first try in a year and a half.

    Stranger things have happened.

  6. Best time to qualify is when the metagame is still underdeveloped fecal matter. Four weeks from now maybe every deck in the field will be trying to hardcast Emrakul by turn 6.

  7. Congrats on the finish!
    What made you decide to play 4 Dautless Escorts? Obviously it is good against Day of Judgment, but I am curious the reasoning behind the “changes” you made to Dickmann’s list. For instance, what are your thoughts on Matt Sperling’s build of Mythic Conscription? It seems odd to go to such lengths to credit Dickmann and Zvi (for building the best archetype in the format…), but to not credit Sperling if his list was in fact the list used to inspire this build. For reference, his list is 59/60 the same main and 13/15 the same in the sb, which he used to win a ptq two weeks ago and subsequently write an article about. If this is merely a coincidence (which certainly happens in Magic, no question) it would be interesting to understand the author’s thought process as it compares to Mr. Sperling’s who arrived at nearly the exact same conclusions in every way, as great minds think alike. If the author is familiar with Mr. Sperling’s thoughts on the matter, it would be interesting to hear his opinions on them, as it was surely an oversight to neglect to mention Mr. Sperling after using his list to qualify for the Pro Tour (assuming of course the author actually did copy the list, as it appears, rather than just independently reach all the same choices, save a land maindeck and 2 Vaporsnares in the sb). Congrats again. Is it safe to say that you anticipate all of the top finishing Bant decks in DC to have adopted the Conscription package? Suggestions for next week’s meta?

  8. That is definitely an oversight on my part. The original version of this Tournament Report (which ended up becoming corrupted, forcing me to write this version in a relatively hasty manner) did give credit to Matt Sperling for inspiration for the list. After reading Sperling’s report, however, I don’t agree with his assertion that Elspeth is not good. There was no time that I was ever unhappy to see her in my opener, or at all during the game. She has a ridiculous amount of utility that I just cannot see getting rid of.

    I had started running Main-Deck escorts in some other Aggro builds sporting Green and White before I saw his build, and I completely agree with this metagame call because, as noted before, Escort isn’t just for protection against Wrath effects. If you swing with any creature after you resolve Sovereigns, only Path to Exile can get rid of the creature that turn. People have been forgetting lately that Dauntless Escort can trade for 1-for-1 removal to keep your relevant threats alive. Once Escort resolves, suddenly, your opponent has to be holding two terminates to kill Baneslayer Angel.

    I think that at least 90% of Bant decks that win PTQs will be running the conscription package. Since Mythic has nothing that can give it’s creatures Trample (aside from a 1-of Thornling out of the board), it just can’t deal with chump-blockers like Eldrazi Conscription can.

    I think the meta for National Qualifiers and DC are going to be pretty close to how they have been, unless any new tech comes out. I strongly suggest packing Telemin Performance as a two-of in the board, because Polymorph is getting pretty big, in spite of its fragiity. UW control as well as Super Friends are becoming a driving force in the current Standard, further convincing me that any deck running Green and White needs Main Deck Escorts, even as a 2-of, with the rest of the set in the Sideboard.

  9. Awesome article and awesome result, well done.
    Love the deck and how it runs, suprised there wasn’t more Jund about but you seemed to smash everyone else so it’s not like it mattered.

  10. October 30, 2009 at 12:42 pm“Yeah, the Wings could have been better devensifely, but they were good enough.”Are you freaking kidding me? There wasn’t a defender to be seen anywhere near an Edmonton player on the first 2 goals. I mean 3 different Oilers were wide open in point blank range for the first goal. Howard didn’t start well, but to say it was all on him is a complete joke. The Wings playerd zero defense in the entire first period, and they really didn’t look like they were trying to. I don’t think Jimmy is the answer either, but to say it’s all his fault is masking what’s really wrong with this team, the fact that they can’t get themselves to play an entire game for the last 2 years.We started out the year playing well early in games and then falling apart in the 3rd, now we start like crap and turn it on in the third. Can we try to put it all together for once? Why is it that this team can never seem to figure out that when they are attacking, the opposing team can do nothing to stop them. It’s when they sit back and play cautious that they get burned. They had no energy in the first period at all.As for Fil being out, that sucks, but IMO that’s the one position that doesn’t kill us, we have Centers. This just means the twins get split up, and maybe Helm will FINALLY get to play on the 3rd line, where he belongs. I’m thinking:Holmstrom/Datsyuk/Bertuzzi (I thought Pav and Bert showed great chemistry last night)Cleary/Zetterberg/Williams (Cleary finally looked like playoff Cleary in the 3rd last night)Leino/Helm/Eaves (I say we give Eaves a shot at some real minutes, this line combo has me excited if they would do it)Maltby/Draper/MayAbdelkader subing in when needed.I know our first line has 2 RW on it, but we don’t really have enough LW to go around with Hank and Pav both playing C. Reply