Scars of Mirrodin – First 8-4 Draft

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  1. whoops just realised i didn’t leave a name on my comments, good vids guys you just seem to be having some technical issues atm

  2. The matches are not working. Chris, Not sure why you were playing Green. No love for Trigon of Corruption? Honestly, it’s really good even if you’re not playing Black. Although, it’s likely that Black was not represented well in the packs. However, I do think that you missed the boat with white. 3rd pick Myrsmith is a decent signal. And if you had taken just a couple of the white cards from pack 1, that Babomb Angel would have been awesome.

    Looking forward to the matches!

  3. Dude, how do you get people to concede like that? :P This just solidifies my belief that I am one very unlucky person.

    GJ, keep em coming!

  4. Fun videos. I usually don’t have the time to watch these, but today I partook. I hate the feeling of mistakes… that’s pain. I’m glad to see that you managed to win despite those. I hope you play perfectly next time when it counts!

    Appropriate closing, by the way. “… I’m addicted.” Chuckles…

  5. why green? bears ? black or white was inf. better than ur green, u coulda had nice black even post geth.

    also bloodshot is bomb and u coulda had 2 and trigon and livewire and heartstoker for pump. this is the first video ive seen on the site and im very underwhelmed

  6. Haha I must say that I did laugh out loud to your grunt of absolute disgust as he played that Skithiryx match1 , game 1.

  7. Everyone seems to not like green here. G/R is probly my fav archetype in Som. Molder Beast is so beastly its ridiculous. Shame you couldnt pick one up =(

    Nice vids. Thanks

  8. Good job not going on tilt, I thought you handled that situation well, misplay aside. =)

    Thanks for the videos, it’s always great to have your opinions and content.

  9. Thanks for feedback.

    @wizmo: I will watch again and look for your points. I am very fond of bears + panic bombs/removal/magnets at the moment. You should know that my level of experience/investment is “lazy PTQer that prefers silly formats,” so don’t get too worried when you see mistakes or sloppy play! I don’t have the fire to be a real player at the moment, just (hopefully) an entertaining one. :) The LimitedResources guys and _ShipItHolla do a much better job catering to the “I want to get cutting edge info” crowd, as they are more analytical in their approach.

    @Mudkips: Trigon has a nice effect, but it’s slooooooow. I am on a speed kick for some reason. I think my last PTQ Sealed pool warped how I see this format, as it was all 1-2-3 drops, mostly.

    @Rebekkah: I experienced a worse tilting situation this week… :) What can be worse than using Arc Trail incorrectly? Well, let’s just say that I didn’t see it coming either.