Scars of Mirrodin – Sealed Premier Event

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  1. I find your commentary very entertaining. I think you made the deck pretty good maybe the warden for the trigon because i love the elephant so much. but otherwise pretty much exactly how I wouldve went. this is very helpful because I am going too a ptq tommorow at 9 :D

  2. pack 2 pick 1 i tthink you should have taken the brigade. in red you only had the smith and 8/8 trample is huge. also you took an iron myr over a sunchaser and a glint hawk both of witch i think would have been much better as you had very few threats. i think rusted relic is much better than the idol and the stead.

  3. I love live videos too. Replays just don’t do real justice to the real game with all the decision making. Slow games are fine, it happens, it’s Magic; sometimes we can still get precious infos about the turn management.
    Otherwise we can just skip a little bit ;)
    Usually with slow games I do something else leaving the audio on so I can get back in time to see either the end of the game or the moment where it stops being slow (usually signaled by a “finally”, a “ooh” etc. etc. by the player ;)

  4. That draft was soooo painful to watch! I don’t think any of my first three picks were intelligent! I will have to redeem myself with an 84 vid. :) [We will try live again; 84s are more tolerable than 8 hour Sealeds.]

  5. Wow… so turns out Turn to Slag and Sword of Body and Mind are pretty good?

    The amount of times you top decked Turn to Slag just when you needed it is pretty funny and I’m only up to Round 6.

  6. By the way, love the live videos… much better to learn from even if you think you are boring everybody. It is essential to get the live action decisions.

  7. Grats on the T8! Your draft deck was not bad but you overvalue the 1/1 Abunas…that guy’s not good in this format. Oh and you should always “Do it live!” ;)

  8. match 2: the guy was using his tumble magnets 1 phase too early (in your main phase not the beginning of combat phase). you could have taken advantage by equiping your axe on the one he didnt tap and doing 4 dmg putting him on 1 and thus killing him 2 turns earlier.

  9. I really am enjoying these videos. I am up to the 5th match.

    I appreciate the frame showing the bigger card during the deck building, but please move it up a little so it’s not obstructed by the MTGO Academy logo.

    And even though you may find much of the decision making boring and simple, I know less experienced players such as myself can learn a lot from hearing the reasoning behind them.

  10. Is it just me that has a really hard time loading your videos on this site? They take forever to stream. I want to watch them but usually just give up.

  11. Live vids rule! You are doing fine. Sometimes there are boring stalls, but there were plenty of points in these vids where you shared interesting thoughts.

    R2G1 – The proliferating double magnet game. You left the kill on the board! On your final turn he tapped your guys in the main and you could have swapped axe over to the flier for the win.

  12. Great videos, I’m enjoying it greatly. But I’m also confused on your first few picks in the draft. Cerebral eruption (next to sunblast angel and contagion engine) is one of the only wrath effects. Perhaps I overvalue it?