Standard Spike: PTQ Preparation

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  1. Good videos, as always. I would love to watch you play extended. Until 2011 comes out on MtgO, playing standard seems a little stale.

  2. match 1, what would you have discarded instead of the mind spring? i would probably discard the scalding tarn, maybe negate. that sarkhan play was awful.
    i don’t like the knights version as much because it feels like you have so many lategame possible dead draws…
    can’t wait till mana leak replaces flashfreeze/essence scatter/negate!

    are the 8man queues worth playing ticket-wise?

    your voice in video 2 is smaller than video 1 again. also that bloodbraid into pulse was of course a sick blowout.
    the opponent lost connection once (or chose to relog) while you were deciding what to put back with jace’s brainstorm, so maybe he just really lost connection.

  3. unfortunate g2/g3 vs me.

    g1: felt nice having jace in play but just couldn’t draw a mind spring to blow the game wide open. when you spring’d first i was devastated. did have both coups and knew id have to walk one into a negate, but i guess i timed it a little off (didn’t consider elspeth to considerably speed up the clock)
    minor point: at 36′ 30″: o-ring seas, jace bounce bsa (INSTEAD of fatesealing me), activate colonnade/gideon, elspeth jump all on one turn to kill me. but i know time was gettin’ to ya =p

    g2: had both jace/luminarch in hand but opted to not play jace when u played wall of denial bc figured someone of your skills wouldn’t let me get a free jace (i.e. guessing you had a o-ring) by playing an irrelevant wall of denial at the time. also, since i had sanctifier on my turn 4, knew that you wouldn’t be able to play jace on your turn 4 because not enough mana (letting me maybe get to point of jace with negate backup thru mana advantage). then, you play jace on ur t4 was a bit surprising, but i guess, like you said bc of time had to make a play – made my proceeding turns easier.

    g3: mull to 6 hand didn’t seem too bad on the draw 2 land, jace, negate, X,Y. better than 5 i’d think. i guess, again, feeling time constraints wanted a hand that could win a little faster or ? sucks that you had to mull to 3, poor cryptologist was trying to get busy ;p

    cya around

    p.s. room for seas (maindeck: 2 path, 1 elspeth, 0 gideon – something like that). keep up the good work in vids – was nice to see ur grips in the games and line of play.

  4. Liked the game, despite match 3 being a very sad affair. Games 2 and 3 were just awful :(
    I don’t mean play-wise (you did what you could), but just to watch. It hurt.

    And I would really like to see extended vids. I agree with That70sSnidd, Standard is a little stale.

  5. Liked the videos*

    Oh and Living End would be a fun deck to see you play in extended I think. It’s fun to see a deck with such terrible cards do well imo :D